"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Adventures in Shopping

Yesterday I went to town.  You can tell we’ve lived in this cute little town for a long time, because going to Fayetteville constitutes “going to town”.  I took a load of my grandpa’s storage boxes to his house, took some of Alex’s things to Misty to give to Kayla and went to get Drew some inserts for his work shoes.  With all of those errands out of the way, I stopped for lunch and then went shopping. 

Fayetteville traffic is significantly annoying and congested… well, at least compared to what I’m used to in the lovely town of Siloam Springs.  I grew up in Fayetteville, but it would seem that all the little back roads that used to get me around much quicker are no longer a secret.  Either that or the little back roads are now bigger roads that lead to lots of other stuff.  If there are secret back roads to get places quicker, then I don’t know about them. 

One should not stop for shrimp fried rice before going swim suit shopping.  The said place that provided my shrimp fried rice did not accept debit cards.  They may be the only remaining business that prefers a personal check.  Weird. 

More on the shrimp fried rice: there is A LOT in one order.  When going into the mall to shop, you should definitely just throw the leftovers away.  When it is 79 degrees outside, that yummy lunch will turn your truck into an odorous mess. 

Swim suit shopping was much more fun at 18 than it is at 33.  Also, my shrimp fried rice left me feeling about 4 months pregnant and that doesn’t help the trying on experience. 

As far as clothes go, I feel consistently stuck in the middle.  I’m too old (and pushing the size limits of) the juniors section, but the misses section starts feeling wrong when I find myself saying, “Oh, Mom would like that.”  (No offense, Mom.) 

When looking for clothes that don’t feel too old or too young, one should always remember this:  If you have to pause and consider whether that item is a shirt or a dress, the answer is shirt.  It doesn’t matter if the store says it’s a dress, if you can’t sit down, lean over or put your hands above your head without showing the world your undies, then IT IS NOT A DRESS. 

One more thing about dresses… why in the world don’t they line things anymore?  Unless the outer material is gauzy and translucent, they don’t bother lining anything.  That’s dumb.  Just because the material isn’t sheer doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be lined.  It would lay better on the body and I would really appreciate the effort.  Also, when did slips become nonexistent?  You almost can’t find them anywhere anymore.  That’s absurd.  No lining in dresses & skirts and no slips. 

It would be much less overwhelming to go shopping for just one thing and concentrate on just that.  Swimsuit, sundresses and sandals?  What was I thinking?  Finding a swimsuit that holds in the bulges and covers all the right parts is challenge enough.  Even considering finding a pair of sandals that are both cute and comfortable was just too much.  Two hours at the mall and I left with absolutely nothing. 

TJ Maxx is a fun place to browse once you give up on finding something specific and I actually did find one dress (at a much reduced price) to take on our trip to the beach next month. 

After trying on so many items, I gave in and took myself to Kohl’s to buy a pair of Spanx.  They hold in all the bulges and squishy places so that trying on and wearing dresses isn’t so emotionally painful… and serves as a slip in the meantime.  It was either that or resign to wearing muumuus for the rest of my life. 

Speaking of Spanx, why would they even make them in a size extra small?  I’m sure that women of all sizes feel like they need some smoothing out now and then, but it’s hard for my mind to imagine a size 0 gal needing Spanx.  Also, it annoys me. 

I gave up on dress, swimsuit and sandal shopping and went to Target for tank tops.  The long ones I like to wear under tops were on sale for $5 each, so that was a satisfying end to a frustrated shopping trip. 

By that point I was pretty worn out, but when I talked to Drew he needed me to go sign the contract for the house windows that will be installed in a few weeks.  Across town and through the university I went.  There were lots of college girls running in their cute little running outfits  and lots of college guys walking around like they are too cool for the rest of the world.  Also, I’d like to remind all the little motor scooters and Prius cars that zip around like they own the place that I drive a Tahoe that was made in the days when cars were still made of metal.  Big, heavy, stout metal.  I’m just saying, while I’m driving cautiously, they might want to have a tiny bit of respect for and awareness of all the other cars on the road. 

Anyway, I’m staying home today.  Yesterday’s 79 degree temps have plummeted and the expected high today is in the 40’s.  What a bummer.  It’s an even better reason to do some housework and just stay home. 

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