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-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, March 23, 2014

NOT for hire

Drew took Friday off of work and we worked in the garage all day.  The goal was to remove the wall that we put up years ago to make a playroom for our girls.  Since we have moved my office into the girls’ old bedroom, we made the decision to remove the wall and have a full garage again. 

9am Friday morning, the old playroom (back half of the garage)

garage2014 002

It felt like an episode of Hoarders around here, since the only reason the playroom was empty was because we simply moved everything into the dining & living rooms. 

garage2014 008

garage2014 009

Making progress… Carpet ripped up, sheet rock and insulation down, electrical outlets moved and the wall studs coming down…

garage2014 010

4 1/2 hours in, things were a bit less fun than they were when we started.  Our sad faces at the work that was still ahead of us…

garage2014 011 

It wouldn’t have taken nearly as long if the garage was empty and we were starting from scratch.  However, the garage was full and we were moving and shifting things as necessary.  The most difficult things to move around were the cabinets that were given to us a year or two ago.  We worked 9 hours Friday and then Saturday we spent the morning delivering the girls’ beds & mattresses, the salvaged wood and the playroom carpet to others who could use them.  One stop at Lowe’s for a few things and then back home.  This old gal had to take a nap, but Drew kept working to organize and put things back together.  By Saturday evening we had this! 

garage2014 015

garage2014 017

Yes, Drew has a television in his man room/garage.  It was the television I had when I used the playroom as a craft room/office, but I decided I didn’t want it when I moved into the girls’ old bedroom. 

garage2014 016

I’ve warned him that he isn’t allowed to have anything else of comfort or cool factor in the garage or he may never want to come back in the house and hang out with me! 

The only thing left to do now is wait two weeks for Spring trash pick up.  There is a big pile of sheetrock as well as contractor bags full of insulation and trash sitting at the front of the garage just waiting to be hauled away. 

In case you were wondering, Drew and I both made it through the job almost uninjured.  Friday evening, I was literally in my last 45 seconds of work before hitting the shower.  I was moving a bag of trash and managed to stab myself in the calf with a carpet tack poking through the plastic.  Awesome.  It’s not that bad and I feel accomplished to have completed the job with just that and a pitiful looking manicure.  Drew scraped the back of his leg on a nail at some point, but I had nothing to do with it.  We are now left with a full sized functional garage, a few sore muscles and a great sense of accomplishment! 

P.S. Manual labor is hard.  Demolition is much more fun than clean up.  Drew and I are NOT for hire! 

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