"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Good and not-so-good

Yesterday morning Kendra recolored my hair.  Gone is the brassy/red/orange/copper glow.  Now I’m a more normal brunette with highlights and depth.  That’s really good. 

I broke down and bought teeth whitening strips last week and every night Drew and I sit around for half an hour with those silly strips on our teeth.  I’m not sure if anyone else can see the difference, but we think we can, so it’s all good. 

Now for the not-so-good.  Pretty hair and white teeth can inspire a girl to groom her eye brows.  That’s always a delicate task and can easily go wrong.  I did get a tiny bit carried away, but thank goodness I stopped before it got too bad.  I evened them up and called it quits.  It’s not what I intended, but I’ve definitely done much worse in the past. 

The worst decision of the day was definitely self tanner.  It seemed like a reasonable thing to do and I decided to give it a try now, while we are still a handful of days away from our vacation.  I wisely decided that I couldn’t spray it on by myself, so I waited for Drew to get home and put him to work.  I showered and exfoliated and then stood like a mannequin while he sprayed that junk all over me.  He was doing the spraying, but I felt like he was spraying it on very evenly.  Here’s the sneaky thing… you can’t see the color while you are spraying it on.  The color develops over a few hours and then you  can see what you have done.  Here’s the even trickier thing… it looked pretty good 4 hours later when we went to bed and we were both thinking we were pretty awesome.  The REALLY not good part happened when I woke up this morning.  I look like a tiger.  Or a zebra.  Or anything with stripes.  Let’s go with Tiger, since they are orange and so am I.  NOT good.  Really NOT good. 

Me: Want to see my tan this morning?  (propping my bare leg up for inspection)

Drew: Oh.  You shouldn’t go anywhere today.  And you should take lots of showers.  Lots. 

I can pretty much guarantee that right now Drew is thanking his lucky stars that I didn’t make him stand still while I sprayed him down!  It’s safe to say that I will be taking multiple showers each day and exfoliating thoroughly until this mess is gone.  And it better be gone quick!  I’d rather be my pale self than this awful mess.  (FYI, I used L’Oreal Sublime Bronze spray.) 

So, that was my Monday.  How was yours? 


BethAnn said...

Good Morning Mandy and OHHHH how I feel ya. I have skin so white that you can read menus! As you have discovered, the application technique is key. My best look came from a lotion rubbed in circles around my legs, not up and down, using very little on elbows and knees.

I know y'all will have the MOST wonderful time on your 'get away'. Will enjoy the pics and stories.

Tsuds said...

:) I love your sense of humour.

You brought back memories of my class the day of our Formal. The boys came in an cautioned me to not say anything when the girls came in as they were, in the words of the boys 'orange'.

I behaved myself for most of the morning until one of the girls, after inspecting her arm yet again, looked up and asked 'Do you think I'm too orange?'