"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I promised

One thing that Drew and I saw a lot of while at Deerfield Beach was… old people pushing little dogs in strollers.  I thought it was funny.  Alex & Emma would have thought it was hilarious.  Drew did not.  He may have been able to smile at these retired folks pushing their fur babies, if not for the little voice in the back of his head wondering if I would ever be that person.  Last year, when I first saw a doggy carrying backpack, I promised to never do such a thing.  I’ll go ahead and promise to never buy a doggy stroller either.  I mean, why take your dog for a walk if your dog isn’t walking?  I’m still holding on to the idea of a bicycle with a basket on the front.  If I should ever live in a place where riding a bike around would be useful (and cute) then I can’t promise that I won’t put Mac in the basket to go along with me.  Let’s face it, he’s not smart enough or fast enough to run along side a bicycle without causing a catastrophe.  Oh, and he would be super cute, too.  He’s pretty good at playing the part of a princess. 

Speaking of him being super cute… I’m taking him to the groomer this morning.  He’s quite the fur ball and really needs a bath and hair cut.  Oh, the work that we put into these sissy little dogs.  I sure do love him, though.  Foose will be all confused and flustered while Mac is gone, but Toto is so old and deaf that he probably won’t care.  Poor Toto, he really is completely deaf.  We call him Old Man as often as we call him Toto. 

I mowed the yard yesterday.  We hadn’t mowed it yet this spring, but it was time.  I really do enjoy mowing and being out in the sunshine.  Drew called me on his way home to ask if I wanted to work in the yard when he got home and was so proud of me when I said that I already did it.  He thinks I’m pretty cool.  We are hoping to do some more intensive yard work this weekend.  The deck that Drew built two years ago only goes 3/4 of the way around the back porch and he wants to extend it so that he has a nice place for his grill.  I’ve also got him talked into building me a raised garden bed so I can give this veggie growing thing a try.  We shall see if I’m any good at that, but at the very least I will look cute trying, fail and then go to the farmer’s market twice a week for our summer produce. 

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