"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, April 21, 2014


Window installation on Friday went well.  Pretty much.  The installers were wonderful.  They were very nice and did excellent work.  We LOVE the windows.  There were two hiccups.  Somehow the the kitchen window was not ordered, so it will be here and installed in a couple of weeks.  The back door is wonderful, but was quite a chore.  The old French doors were poorly installed and difficult to remove.  They couldn’t bring the new sliding door in until the old door was gone, so we didn’t realize that the door was backwards until we had a huge hole in the back of the house.  Not knowing what to do, I said to go ahead and install it.  It’s great, but it opens on the wrong side.  I thought that we could deal with it, but Drew is really bothered by how it disrupts the flow of the house.  He’s right.  It really is awkward, not to mention confusing.  So, who was the first one to walk into the wrong side of the door?  Mac.  Twice.  It was hilarious and then I felt bad for laughing at him.  Not bad enough to stop laughing, though.  Poor guy didn’t know that glass doors are supposed to be see through (the old doors were so yucky that no amount of cleaning made them clear) or that the opening was not where it should be.  Drew talked to Lowe’s and, with just one look, they confirmed that the kitchen window was part of the agreement (a simple oversight in ordering) and that the back door was supposed to open on the right (another ordering mishap).  They were very apologetic and grateful that we weren’t throwing a fit over anything (apparently some people do that).  The correct door will be installed Wednesday and then the window will be installed when it arrives from special order in a few weeks.  My biggest concern was the install crew having to redo the back door, but I’ve been assured that they get paid to redo it. 

Drew and I had a very busy weekend of work.  We started at 9am on Friday with a trip to Lowe’s for lumber and then started a long day of extending the deck that Drew built two years ago.  Lots of dirt work (I’m slow, but effective with a shovel), framing and deck boards… and we have a great new area and perfect spot for the patio love seat and Drew’s grill.  Did you know that a gal can spend a week at the Florida beach with nothing more than a slightly pink nose, but can spend 6 hours building a deck in Arkansas and close the day with crispy shoulders?  It’s true.  It never even occurred to me to put sunscreen on.  Oops.  In addition to the deck, Drew made me a raised frame for my gardening venture.  I’ll have to take photos of all of this because it’s all really great. 

We decided that we couldn’t handle church on Easter.  All the kids in their Easter outfits and lots of family photos… I just couldn’t do it.  I’m good with God, but the truth is that fellowship is a very big part of church.  That is something that is very different for us now than it was when we had our girls.  Life is different.  Fellowship and fun are different.  It felt especially different yesterday, but it is honestly like that on any normal day.  We miss our girls and that is that.  We are learning this new life and reminders of our old life are often harder to adjust to. 

So, without church on Easter, what did we do on Sunday?  We put gutters on the back porch, of course.  Drew hung gutters, I did some digging for drainage and we finished my raised garden bed.  4+ hours of work and we were nearly falling over with exhaustion!  We showered and headed to Fayetteville for dinner at Dottie’s, stopping for a visit with my Grandpa on the way. 

This morning I have very specific plans to rest and recover from our very laborious weekend.  I will likely go outside more than a few times to admire the fruits of our labor and then come back inside to melt into the sofa.  Its supposed to rain today, so I’ll wait until at least tomorrow to do yard work and proceed with prepping my garden. 

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Anonymous said...

I am following your blog. I think you are a great writer. I am a professor at a university,I taught at Arkansas for 9 years, so I do know good writing when I see it. You might think about so creative writing classes at the university.

I lost my son in December of 2012 and I feel your pain. I can't go to church on big holidays either. It is just too much.

I pray for you and your family. Christy