"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, April 4, 2014

Sing with me

I’m leaving on a jet plane…

Really, you should have been singing that line in your head.  Heck, you can sing it out lout if you want.  I did.  In less than 48 hours we will be on a plane headed for the beach! 

I made a list at the beginning of the week… a list of things to do before we leave.  I’m a crazy list maker and usually that helps me keep things in check.  At the very least it helps me feel a bit more in control.  This list has done the opposite.  The beauty of a list is the satisfaction of marking things off.  The problem with this list is that I pretty much can’t mark anything completely off until the very last minute.  Are there any other chronic list makers out there that feel my pain?  

Here’s the good news… it’s almost time! 

My tiger stripes, thanks to the self tanner episode, are fading.  I’ve showered and scrubbed more in the last 3 days than I have in the last 3 weeks.  Haha.  I don’t know how I have any skin left, not to mention any fake tan.  Lesson learned.  No more fake tan. 

I’m guessing that Drew is watching the clock at work today and just trying to concentrate until quitting time.  I know I would be.  You guys, I don’t mean to be bragging and rubbing in our awesome impending vacation.  I’m just so very excited.  I’m also a bit anxious.  Good anxious and weird anxious.  For one, we are about to be on a beautiful beach resort with a bunch of corporate strangers.  Chances are that Drew will know almost no one (these are salesman from all over the world who also won the President’s Club award) and I will know absolutely no one.  What do you talk about when you don’t know anyone in a social situation?  Chit chat.  “Where are you from?”  Easy enough.    “Do you have children?”  Oh, wait, that’s a loaded question that shouldn’t be so difficult.  What do we say?  We don’t want to say that we have no children because that feels wrong.  If we say that we have two children then the next chit chatty question is, “How old are they?”  Another loaded question.  We don’t really want to get into a such a heavy conversation when people are just making casual conversation.  Do we say how old they would be?  Or how old they were when they died?  The next casual question is predictably, “Are they home with the grandparents?”  Oh, people, if you only knew.  One seemingly casual question is such a big conversation for us.  A conversation that doesn’t make for light chit chat as intended.  We’ve been talking about how to handle these situations, but I don’t know that we’ve really settled on what to do.  See what I mean when I say weird anxious? 

A less serious thing… Drew and I have never been on such a trip together without taking the girls with us or arranging for them to be left here (which almost never happened).  That’s strange and uncomfortable.  Some couples build a life, grow a career and travel together before starting a family.  Drew and I got married at 20 and had Alex at 22, so we really built our lives on our little family.  Now we get to concentrate on other things in life, like traveling together.  It may be flip flopped from how some others do it, but I don’t think we ever really fit a mold.  “Normal” is overrated.  We will go on this first big trip together, relax and enjoy it and look forward to the many more adventures that lay in our future. 

Good anxious stuff… fading self tanner streaks on my skin, making sure we wear enough sun block in that glorious Florida sunshine, fancy dresses & high heels, nights of formal dinners and dancing… in general, stepping out of our normal lives for a full week.  Oh, what lovely things. 

I keep giving Drew a hard time about this anticipated tiny fishing boat that we will spend a day on.  We keep bickering over how small it will really be, so we Googled deep sea fishing boats in that area.  We came up with lots of images and spent a silly amount of time anticipating which boat is closest to the one we will be on.  Here’s the funny part… one picture showed a boat named, “Murphy’s Law".  I have assured Drew that I absolutely will not be going out on the open Atlantic in a boat named “Murphy’s Law”.  Not happening.  The theme song from Gilligan’s Island is still playing in my head.  Drew says I’m getting on that boat regardless.  I told him he better take a roll of duck tape and cover at least one of the letters, because going out on Murphy’s Law is just tempting fate! 

I best get off my bum and get a few things together.  This self tanner won’t scrub itself off! 

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