"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


No one is more surprised than I am that I seem to really love yard work.  I really like it.  Who knew?  I mowed yesterday afternoon and spent hours working in the yard.  You know that annoying neighbor who mows their yard every 5 days and makes you feel bad for not having mowed your own yard?  I’m afraid that may be me.  I like mowing.  I like the physical effort required and I love a fresh manicured lawn.  I’m not trying to pressure anyone else in the neighborhood, I just like working in the yard.  My apologies for being “that” neighbor. 

I never posted pictures of the new projects around the house, so here we go. 

The old back door.  See how dirty it is?  That’s not dirt, it was the busted seals in the glass that always looked yucky. 


The new door with blinds between the glass.


Just one view of the new windows.


The existing part of the back deck that Drew built two years ago. 


working on the extension…




We had yet to clean everything up, but you get the idea.  We put Drew’s grill in its new spot and moved the love seat & table out there.  By the way, spending $10 on covers for the patio furniture was the best thing we ever did.  It protects the furniture from the dogs and the weather. 

The gutters on the back of the house…


My planter! 


The top part is to keep the dogs out and it opens like a gate in the middle.  Notice the purple ball on the other side of the fence?  It isn’t ours and I’m not sure where it came from, but it sort of felt like Alex letting us know she was around. 

I’ve been working hard to clean the river rocks from the front flower beds and have been filling the bottom of my new planter with those rocks.  Hopefully it will help with drainage in my vegetable garden.  This weekend we hope to get the soil to fill the planter so that I can plant in the next couple of weeks.  I think I’ve decided to stick with just tomatoes and squash this year.  I have to start small or I will overwhelm myself.  Also, tomatoes and squash are super yummy. 

On Saturday Drew and I spent all day in the back yard with the smoker. 


Okay, I spent most of my time supervising from this lovely spot in the shade…


…while Drew did 99% of the work.


I should say that this was our first try at smoking meat and that the large majority of the day was spent relaxing, enjoying the beautiful weather, playing with the dogs and reading our books.  It was a perfect day and ended with this…


Yum… smoked pork butt.  We had a delicious meal Saturday night, then had sandwiches for lunch and dinner on Sunday.  So good! 

As for the weather that has been all over the news… we are fine.  It was predicted to hit our area Sunday and expected to be quite devastating, but it missed us.  Somehow Siloam Springs and Northwest Arkansas had quite a beautiful Sunday.  Just a bit South was not so fortunate.  The storm came together slightly off from what was anticipated and Central Arkansas was hit very hard with tornados, leaving at least 16 people dead.  Home, churches and businesses were demolished.  It’s been on the local and national news and this same system of storms has continued to move across the country.  It’s springtime y’all.  Stay safe, give thanks and do what you can to help those in need. 

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BethAnn said...

LOVE the planter. That is very creative and perfect for keeping the dogs and RABBITS out :-) I can't wait to show hubby .... if you don't mind my stealing your idea?? I love the purple ball -- may need ribbons on mine.

You continue to inspire me to get up and move. I used to love working in the yard but have become soooooooooo lazy. My goal is to make a change in every day, but pace myself.

Thank you posting Mandy.