"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, May 19, 2014

Camping Kick Off

Drew and I went camping this weekend.  It was a wonderful kick off to our camping season. 

We declared a no cell phone rule and just enjoyed our weekend together.  I did pull my phone out to take a few pictures, but there was no calling, texting or facebook allowed.  That should be a rule much more often.   Next time I will take a camera so that I can leave my phone completely untouched. 


How awesome is our tent?  We put a huge tarp over it to protect us from the rain (which it did most of Friday night) and it just added some extra character. 


Even with the rain on Friday night, the weather was beautiful.  It was just chilly enough to enjoy the fire and snuggle in good at night to sleep.  We took a canoe out on the lake and fished, me catching a large perch and Drew catching two bass. 

Saturday night’s dinner was so good that I had to take a picture.  Ribs cooked over the campfire, complete with a can of baked beans (also warmed over the fire) and leftover hotdog buns toasted over the fire.  Yum.  Why does food taste so much better this way?





Just because I think he’s great. 


Another highlight of our weekend?  LARP.  What?  LARP.  Live Action Role-Playing.  We witnessed that.  I’m sort of embarrassed to even know what that is.  I saw it on television once (fine, it was on the Disney Channel), but I didn’t know that people actually do it.  Without knowing details, it’s pretty much grown people dressing like fantasy characters and acting stuff out.  Stuff like battle scenes, I think.  I didn’t want to be rude and take photos of these people, so I Googled images.  Seriously, we saw stuff a lot like this. 


We actually saw a guy with his face painted and wearing cat ears.  There were also a lot of people wearing robes and donning armor. 


It was bizarre.  If any of you reading this are into this sort of then then I mean no disrespect.  But, you could admit that to an outsider this does seem a bit strange.  It was entertaining, nonetheless. 

The worst part of the weekend was picking 15 seed ticks off my ankles when we got home.  Not cool.  Note to self: it’s not enough to purchase the OFF, you actually have to apply it.  I’m currently applying anti-itch cream and trying not to claw my skin off. 

The best part of the weekend was the whole thing.  The fire, the food, the quiet, the tent, the lake, the fishing, the trees… playing cards, reading books, afternoon naps.  All of it.  All of it was great because I truly and honestly love being with my husband.  It’s just great.  He’s great.  We are great. 

It also occurred to me on more than one occasion that God is awesome.  Not awesome as in cool, though He is.  He is awesome as in awe inspiring.  Stripping down the distractions of life until there is little left than God’s handiwork… it’s important.  It’s awesome. 

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