"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to Drew!

Today is Drew’s birthday!  He says it’s just another day, but I think it’s special.  Man, do I love this guy. 


That picture is from our weekend on Beaver Lake.  We camped at Prairie Creek and on our last night we went to JJ’s on the Marina. 

The rain didn’t beat us up too bad, but it did rain a bit off and on.  It was no big deal, we have a great camping set up and had lots of fun.  It was insanely humid all weekend.  The kind of humid where everything feels constantly damp.  No matter, we had a great weekend. 



This is a t-shirt from Drew’s work, but I have claimed it as my own. 



Beverly & Robert had the camp site next to us. 





We had some visitors on Sunday afternoon…



Overall, we had a really fun weekend.  Here are some fun facts:

  • Bug spray will keep the ticks off, but it will also melt your toenail polish… literally turning your toes into a gooey mess. 
  • Sleeping on a queen sized air mattress is sometimes hilarious… like when someone moves unexpectedly or gets up and the other person sinks or goes flying… or when you need an extra pillow to use as a chock block. 
  • We played about a billion games of Gin Rummy.  I won ONE of those games. 
  • It was precisely 577 steps from our campsite to the closest bathroom.  I’m weird and I count things, remember?  I’m figuring that would be a pretty effective exercise plan.  Have to pee?  Walk a quarter mile, pee, walk a quarter mile.  I would either walk a LOT or drink very little. 
  • I am SO VERY grateful that my parents took us camping as children.  I have some really great memories and now, as an adult, I’m not a total girl when it comes to camping.  After seeing so many families this weekend, I felt acutely aware of just how much work camping with little ones must be.  Wow! 
  • We hiked back into this little cove of the lake to fish off the bank.  It was beautiful and the water was so clear that we could see the big fish swimming around.  Drew & I caught exactly none of them.  I didn’t even care because what  we did see was a swarm of tiny purple butterflies.  Oh, my sweet Alex. 
  • No matter how fun camping is, it is really great to finally get home, take a real shower and nap in your own glorious bed. 

We had a great weekend and today’s chore is tons of laundry.  Anything fabric smells like campfire and dampness.  Lots of laundry. 

I have some more great pictures to share, so I will wrap up this post and start another.  I’ll end this one with a huge shout out to my favorite guy in the world… Happy Birthday to my love, who likes to remind me that he will never be as old as I am! 

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