"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, May 2, 2014

We’re cool like that

Drew and I are looking forward to doing lots of camping and fishing.  We haven’t been camping in 12 years, since before I was pregnant with Alex.  I did quite a bit of camping with my family as a child, as did Drew.  Of course, Drew also did his fair share of camping with buddies as a teenager and then the camping he prefers to avoid at all costs… the Army. 

One of my biggest requests is that he not drop us in the middle of nowhere and make me pee in the woods.  Not yet anyway.  I can do without a shower or washing my hair, but I’d really prefer to have a potty within walking distance. 

We have his old camping equipment, including a small dome tent.  We had decided to stick with what we have for a while and possibly upgrade to something nicer later on.  Then, yesterday, Drew was talking to a coworker about all of that.  He suggested that Drew come shop his garage of camping equipment before spending any money.  We hit quite the jackpot with that offer, getting a very large tent, two bed rolls and some cooking utensils for a fraction of what we would have spent at Cabela’s. 

Since we are little more than over anxious teenagers, we put that tent up last night.  It’s several years old and has been used a handful of times, so we had to figure it out without instructions.  We are pretty smart like that.  You know, smart enough to figure it out and smart enough to do it in the front yard before trying to do it at a camp site.  First we tried to put it up in the garage, but quickly (and humorously) learned that it is BIG.  It’s like taking the house camping!  It is seriously almost as big as our bedroom.  Even Drew can stand up in it and there’s plenty of room for sleeping, hanging out and storing stuff while camping.  We laughed, acted like morons and tried to be cool when neighbors drove by and wondered what the heck we were doing.  I even convinced Drew to lay in it with me and chill for a while in the cool night air.  It’s now rolled back up and waiting for our first camping trip.  We are busy this weekend, but have been hoping that next weekend would be our first adventure.  The weather forecast looks to challenge that with nasty spring storms, but a lot can change in a week.  We shall see. 

Given my new found love of getting dirty in the yard, I have high hopes for loving the woods & camp fire.  Maybe I’m not so much of an inside gal after all.  I’m more than willing to trade my sparkly flip flops for my Teva sandals in the name of adventure. 

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Tsuds said...

Love your tent building :). I'm with you about the toilets ... Although I've seen a couple that have made me think having to pee in the woods would be favorable.

I hope you have a wonderful trip.