"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, June 23, 2014


It's raining.  Hard.  Lots of rain.  I don't mind the rain, but I don't really love driving in it.  When I left my Dad's house this afternoon it was pouring.  I got to the truck, soaking wet, and took off my glasses to wipe them off.  That's one down side to wearing glasses... rain drops.  Anyway, my shirt was soaked so I reached into the back seat for the box of tissues.  That's when I saw that the middle of the back seat was wet  What the heck?  It looks like a seal has busted on the back window and is leaking into the truck.  That sucks.  Well, there was nothing I could do at the moment, so I proceeded to wipe off my glasses.  That's when I realized that the tissue had lotion in it.  If you thought rain drops made it hard to see, you should try cleaning those rain drops off with a lotion infused tissue.  No matter, I made it home and have arranged a beach towel in the back of the truck to hopefully absorb the moisture until we can get it fixed.

Dad and Grandpa are doing okay.  I took Dad for more lab work today and then back home.  He is still unable to work and is filling out paperwork for FMLA.  That will keep his job safe for at least 12 weeks.  His mind isn't foggy now (like it was the day I took him to the ER), but his body is still very tired and weak.  Sometimes he gets light headed and dizzy, so driving isn't possible.  Right now it is just one day at a time, follow the doctor's orders and see what happens.  We drove through for lunch after his lab work and when we got to his house Grandpa was napping.  We sat at the table to eat and then Grandpa finally came walking down the hall. .

Grandpa: It sounded like there were 15 people out here.
Me: Yeah, it was just me.  I was the only one talking.

Well, at least nobody can say that conversation is failing when I'm around, even if I do talk enough for 15 people.

Moving on...

Not to brag, but I'm totally about to brag.  On Saturday I picked my first zucchini!  I really felt like a little kid who woke up and realized that Christmas came unexpectedly... and my gift was a beautiful zucchini!  By the way, Cheryl wasn't lying to me when she said to check them often because one day it's 3 inches and the next it can be 8 inches.  I though she was exaggerating, but she wasn't.  The day before it was just a nice zucchini, growing at a steady pace, and the next day it was huge and calling my name!  On Sunday I picked another.  I'm on a roll!  Sunday evening I cooked my first zucchini by cutting it sort of like french fries, spraying it with olive oil (if you don't have an olive oil sprayer then you are missing out) and sprinkling it with sea salt and pepper.  I baked it at 350 for 20 minutes and it was so good!  Yeah Mandy!!

I have plenty more zucchini in the works, tons of squash that just aren't quite ready, lots of slicing tomatoes that are growing nicely and so many cherry tomatoes that I suspect are about to run red.  The zucchini just had the honor of being my first harvest, but I'm thinking I may be drowning in squash and tomatoes pretty soon!

As long as I'm just rambling here, let me be silly for a bit.  Do you sing to the radio?  I do.  I'm talking full out singing, not just modest humming.  I'm a rock star when I'm in my truck alone (and usually even if Drew is with me).  Sometimes I know the words, sometimes I just go with it and sing anyway.  More often than I'd like to admit, there are lyrics that I consistently mess up.  I'm on a country music kick lately, so all of my examples come from that genre.  For example:

Little Big Town has an older song called Pontoon.  One line says, "Back that hitch up into the water."  I know this is the line, but I'll be darned if every singe time I don't want to say, "Back that b*tch up into the water."  Now I laugh to myself every time that song comes on.

On one of Miranda Lambert's CDs she sings a song with Blake Shelton.  They sing a line, "I'm just too selfish, I guess."  EVERY time I sing along I find myself saying, "I'm just to shell fish, I guess."  This started right after we got back from West Palm Beach, so maybe I was just longing for sea food and putting shell fish into random songs.  Either that, or I'm tongue tied.

Jason Aldean's song, Night Train, has this line... "Bout a mile down Old Mill Road...."  I've heard it a million times, but this afternoon in the truck I sang along, "Bout a mile down Oatmeal Road."  I'm pretty sure he isn't singing about Oatmeal Road.  It might be fun if he did, though.  Heck, I'm singing about it and I'm having a good time.

Moving on...

There is a beautiful old farm house on Hwy 112 that I've admired for years.  It was a good chunk of land, a huge white barn and the prettiest little farm house I could imagine.  I've joked for years that I would go crazy if it ever went up for sale.  Well, guess what?  It's for sale.  We saw it a few weeks ago and I decided that I would look it up, just to get a peek inside.  My hope was for two things.  One, that it would be so absurdly expensive that it wasn't anywhere near feasible (because I don't really want to move anyway).  Two, that the inside of the house would be awful, so that I wouldn't be walking around knowing that the house I've admired from the street for years was just as lovely inside.

Here are the pics listed on Realtor.com

The house is looking a bit overgrown and unattended, but it is still beautiful.  The land is beautiful and the rock house is just lovely, in my opinion.  I already knew this.  My wishes were granted when I saw that the listing price for this house and the 70 acres is $980,000!  Um, yeah, I'd say that's absurdly expensive for our budget.  Then I saw the very limited photos of the inside of the house and fell a bit out of love.  It's very dated.  Very OUT dated, I should say.  The inside of the house has none of the quaint charm of the exterior.  I'm guessing that 30 or 40 years ago someone updated it to the latest fashion and in the process stripped the interior of this old home of its original charm.  Don't get me wrong, I could gut that thing and make it beautiful, but it would cost Drew a lot of money!  Ha ha.  I'm not a betting gal, but if I was then I would say that, because of it's location and the residential development in the area, whoever buys it will tear down the house and barn and put up a bunch of cookie cutter houses.  That will just make me sick, so that's why I've chosen to post the pictures here for all to see.  If someone with a million dollars to spend chooses not to restore this beauty then the least I can do is post a picture of it.

I'm done blabbering for today.  I'd really like to go check my garden, but I might need a life raft to get to it right now.  I definitely need some muck boots.  I would probably only wear them once or twice, but I sure would look cute trekking to my veggies through a water drenched yard.  

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Julie Griggs said...

I am just now reading this post, and I LOVE that farmhouse, too. I even took my mom and Stacey Allen to see it because I knew they'd find it charming, too. Maybe we could be a commune. :-)