"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I forgot to share the funniest part of my girl day with Kayla last week.  We had eaten lunch and stopped in the book store before going to the pet store next door.  She was contemplating something that she wanted...

Me: If that's what you want then we can get it.  
Kayla:  Okay... (hesitation)... 
Me: What? 
Kayla: If I get this, can I still get a hamster at the pet store?  
Me: A hamster?!
Kayla: Yeah.  
Me: A real hamster?  (laughing) 
Kayla:  Yeah.  
Me: I am NOT buying you a live animal. 
Kayla: It's just a small pet.  
Me: I know what it is and I don't think so.  Do you know what your mom & dad would say if we can home with a rodent?  
Kayla: My friend has one.  Its really easy to take care of.  
Me: Um, no.  

I have to give her some credit.  She was laying the ground work in hopes of getting me to buy her a hamster.  I'm not a fan of pet rodents, but I still thought it was hilarious that she was working the situation so smoothly in high hopes.  We went and looked in the pet store anyway and giggled at all the animals.  Mostly she giggled at me when I refused to walk down the aisle with the snakes.  

Now, want to know a secret?  I'm sharing this here because it's funny and also because it's a good way to break the news to Kyle & Misty.  You see, if she still wants a hamster in a month then I just may talk to her momma & daddy about getting her and Braeden set up with what they need.  Hey, Aunt Mandy and Uncle Drew are pretty fun people.  

In other news...

I had to perform surgery on my zucchini plant.  Several weeks ago I noticed a few leaves turning yellow, but I didn't know to worry about that.  Last week I finally realized what was going on and got online to read about it.    By the time I realized that I had squash borers (nasty wormy bugs), the damage was pretty bad... so bad on the roots that I couldn't tell how anything could possibly still be growing.  I researched and asked my dad and came to the conclusion that the only hope of saving this plant now was Sevin.  (Yes, I know it's not organic, but it was the only chance for this plant.)  I sprayed and left it for a few days.  Yesterday I dug in to see what was salvageable.  I had watched a YouTube video that had this exact problem and they were able to remove all damaged areas (and bugs) and replant because there was one new root growing above the damage.  I was able to do the same thing.  The squash borers were dead, I removed all damaged areas of the plant (which was disgusting, by the way), dug up the area to remove any lingering borers (they were also dead) and replanted.  By yesterday evening the replanted plants were looking pretty pitiful.  I dont know if they will survive or not, but I tried.  

Here's the funny part.  When I planted my garden this spring, I was most excited about the yellow squash, then the zucchini and lastly the tomatoes.  I finally realized that what I thought was yellow squash was actually butternut squash and was vining ramapantly, choking out the tomatoes and zucchini.  I removed it.  Now the zucchini has been infested by disgusting bugs and I may or may not have figured it out before it was too late.  Now I'm left with tomatoes.  Lots of tomatoes.  What to know a secret?  I don't really love tomatoes.  They are okay and I'll put some on a salad or sandwhich, but I'm not the gal that is just going to sit around eating tomatoes.  I just think it's funny that that's what I've had the most success with.  

Next year Drew is going to build me two more raised beds.  I've very much enjoyed this one (20 inches high) and I'm learning a lot.  In addition to keeping the dogs out of the veggies and being easier on my back, one of the great things about the raised beds is the lack of weeds.  In fact, I picked my first two tiny weeds yesterday.  Yep, the first all year.  I filled the bottom with plastic bottles and covered it with river rocks before filling it with soil.  That has helped with drainage and keeping the weeds out.  It's pretty great and I think it was a good size to start this gardening adventure.  

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