"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fine Print Void

Me: I told my mom what I did to the spaghetti sauce.
Drew: Okay good, because I told my dad.  

Obviously, the imaginary fine print that says we have to keep silly secrets is void.  Since it's already out, I'll tell you how I destroyed a huge batch of sauce.  Drew got home and I checked the sauce before I started the noodles.  It was still a bit runny for our taste, so I had the brilliant idea to add some tomato paste to thicken it up.  Turns out I didn't have any tomato paste in the cabinet, but I found an unopened bottle of ketchup.  I figured a good squirt of ketchup wouldn't hurt anything, so I opened it and dumped in more than I intended to.  That's when Drew walked back into the kitchen and said, "Is that BBQ sauce?"  I told him it wasn't, but then noticed that it did look and smell a bit funny.  It would seem that that unopened bottle of ketchup expired in 2012 and ketchup CAN go bad.  I can laugh about it now, but I really was bummed at my super unintelligent decision.  

I'm going to the Tim McGraw concert at the AMP with Misty and her friend tonight.  You see, Misty has "a guy" for that kind of stuff (AKA the Pennzoil rep for the shop) and Pennzoil just happens to sponsor Tim McGraw.  She has that guy and I have her.  So, I guess I have a gal for that kind of stuff :)  It also works out beautifully since Kyle (and Drew) would rather do pretty much anything besides deal with the crowds at these events.  

I was a big Tim McGraw fan when I was a teenager.  Drew and I went to see him once together and I saw him a couple other times at Fan Fair with my Aunt Sallie in Nashville.  I still like his old music and even some of the new stuff, but I do feel the need to comment further.  Here it is...  I think he's a little bit girly.  I mean, a man's jeans should not have more bling on the butt than... wait... a man's jeans should not have bling on them at all.  That's just my opinion, but it does spur some more commentary on who is considered sexy among the men of country music these days.  

People Magazine has a country music edition and each year they name the sexiest men.  This is the 2014 cover (notice that Tim McGraw is also on the cover)... 

I beg to differ with 75% of this.  I'm just not a Luke Bryan fan.  Some of his music is catchy, but some of it is annoying.  I also find it to be the opposite of sexy when he tries so hard to be sexy.  Again, I think he's kind of girly (and I have seen him wear jeans with bling on the rear).  And Hunter Hayes?  He's like 12 years old!  (I actually just looked it up and he's 21, but he still looks like a 12 year old to me.)  Cute?  Sure.  Sexy?  Nope.  The only one on this cover that I don't really object to is Dierks Bentley.  He's okay.  

I don't read this magazine, so I can't speak to anything other than the cover.  What's that?  Don't judge a book by it's cover?  Well, this is a magazine and that's how they sell (or don't sell) each issue.  Let's just be honest here, if they were going to put the most attractive man in country music on the cover then they would have no choice but to put George Strait on it every single year.  Every year.  No exceptions.  Doesn't matter how old he is (which just so happens to be a very very handsome 62 years).  He has no bling on his butt, he's a real cowboy, he isn't shaking anything for your viewing pleasure and has been married to the same woman for 40+ years.  Now that's sexy.  

Back to my point... I am quite excited for a girls' night out tonight and Drew & Kyle are quite happy that they get to go to Braeden's football practice instead.  Win, win.  

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