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-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Natural Falls

Drew and I went camping this weekend.  He took Friday off and we packed up that morning and went to the Natural Falls State Park just outside of Siloam on the Oklahoma side.  Heidi had taken Sophie out there for a hike not long ago and I really wanted to go explore.  We were immediately impressed with how clean and well kept the grounds were.  The park isn't too far off of Hwy 112, but it was very quiet and peaceful.  We paid for an RV site so that we would have electricity (having a fan on keeps the bugs away) and be in the trees instead of out in the open of the tent sites.  
That afternoon we went for a hike and it was really beautiful.  There is a 77 ft water fall (which you may recognize because it was used during filming of Where The Red Fern Grows).  This is the view from the top observation deck.  
If you hike down to the bottom...
Part of the trails are very accessible, other parts require more negotiating and finesse.  After seeing the falls, we took the more difficult trail down the creek.  There are great bridges and the views are just beaitufiul.  You can fish in this 'lake', but that would require hauling fishing gear through the trails.  
Once we reached that dam we decided to take another fork of the trail back.  If you are a Friend's fan then you remember the episode when they all go to London and Joey finds his way around by standing in his map.  (If you aren't, then this picture isn't funny at all.)  
After our hike we went back to our campsite, played cards, started a fire, roasted hot dogs and enjoyed the rest of the day.  It was all lovely until sunset when we realized that our evening wasn't going to be quiet and relaxing.  Nobody in the office mentioned (and we didn't realize on our own) that the dirt track on the other side of the highway was going to be an issue.  It definitely was.  The very loud sound of race cars went on for hours and we were both shocked at how very loud it was.  So loud that we couldn't hear each other talking. So loud that when we went to bed we could feel the rumble of the cars through the air mattress.  We were pretty bummed about that.  We survived the night, but not restfully.  On Saturday we decided that we couldn't take another night of that, so we packed up and came home.  
My review of Natural Falls... very beautiful and worth a visit.  They have playgrounds, basketball courts and a frisbee golf course in addition to the trails around the falls.  I would suggest paying the $4 entry fee and enjoying those things for the day, but I don't recommend the camping.  Perhaps the campers in the big fancy RV's were more comfortable and less bothered by the weekend racing, but tent campers beware.  
No matter, I'm glad we went.  Being surrounded by all the RV's this weekend didn't do much for ourexisting  desire for a camper.  We don't need or want anything big and fancy, but a nice little bumper pull with a bed, bathroom and air conditioner sure would be nice.  Maybe next year we can make that happen, it would surely extend the camping season for us (and help this girl sleep).  
Want to know something funny?  I just complained about the noise of the race cars in West Siloam Springs and now I'm about to be excited over the noise of NASCAR.  
Our NASCAR tickets for the Kansas City race in October arrived last week!  Woohoo!  

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