"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

One Week

Looks like it's been a week since I've posted.  Let's play catch up.  Sasha and the kids were here last week.  That's always a hoot.  Tessa was all about taking a bath, so I did one better and ran her a bubble bath.

On Friday morning I picked up Dad and Grandpa and we went to Durant, OK for a family reunion.  Grandpa's sister, Wilma Jean, and her family from Tuscon, AZ drove up for the weekend.  I didn't completely know what to expect, I just wanted Grandpa to get to see his sister and for Dad to see his cousin Buddy.  I have to say that I really had a wonderful time and that I'm so glad we went.  I got to hear lots of stories from Grandpa's childhood and Dad's childhood, get to know family that I've never really known and see lots of pictures from generations past. 

Grandpa & Aunt Jean

Those two are hilarious.  Grandpa is 4 years older that Aunt Jean and they haven't even lived in the same state in decades, but it was astonishing how similar they were.  Even funnier?  They both think the other one is getting old and crazy!

We took Grandpa to the cemetery to visit his parents' graves.
We had lunch at George's drive in, which is something that I always remember doing when we visited Durant when I was a child.  It's old school and has the greasiest, most delicious foot long hot dogs and french fries you will ever eat. 

Dad & his cousin Buddy (who just so happens to be one of the coolest guys I've ever met).  

 Aunt Jean & Uncle Bud.

Dad & Aunt Jean.

Like I said, it was really a great weekend and I'm so glad that Dad & Grandpa both felt well enough to go.  It's a weekend that we may never get to do again and it was lovely.  My one and only crazy moment came on Sunday afternoon when we met at the church for the larger family reunion.  I didn't know anyone, but Grandpa knew a few faces and at least many of the names.  It was largely my Grandpa's father's sister's family.  I  can't think straight enough to know what they would make them to me (except we all have McCarty blood in us), but something I saw when we walked in really struck a chord... a little girl in a wheel chair.  A little girl with dark brown hair in a pixie cut, sitting in her wheel chair, looking very similar to my girls in their last months and years.  Oh my.  Beyond all reason, I could only think, "What if this little girl, who somehow shares a piece of her genetics with my girls, has PKAN?"  I asked one of Dad's cousins and he didn't know her, but said he would find out.  I didn't wait.  Minutes later I found myself standing there, introducing myself to her parents.  That part isn't weird.  I mean, the entire building was filled with people that I'm somehow related to.  It wasn't even that weird to ask about their little girl, since I know that I always preferred people to ask us than to stare and wonder.  The weird part came when I had to explain why I was asking and then found myself in tears.  They were really very kind and the answer is no, she does not have PKAN.  She has CP from complications during birth.  I had to excuse myself, gather my sanity and then went back to the lunch.  It was fine, I just hate to think that I left those nice people thinking that I'm crazy.  Heck, I am a little crazy, so I guess it's okay if they think so.  

We came back Sunday evening and I know that Dad, Grandpa & Lucky were happy to be home.  They've taken a few days to recover and get back into a routine, but we all had such a great time and I'm grateful to have gone.  

I intended to post on all of this on Monday, but I seem to have found myself a bit of a tummy bug.  I felt fine yesterday morning, so I got out to run some errands, but I came back home with an awful headache and my tummy bug has returned.  It's nothing serious, just annoying, and I'm sure the 95 degree weather and ridiculous humidity around here aren't helping things.  I didn't go walking with Cheryl this morning, like I like to on Wednesday mornings.  Her words of encouragement (via the movie The Devil Wears Prada)?  I'm just one stomach flu away from reaching my goal weight!  Hey, if you have to have a bug then you might as well look on the bright side.  No matter, I have full intentions of going to the park tonight to celebrate Payson's 1st birthday with my family... I just won't be sharing a fork or kisses with anyone.  

Drew's back is acting up (consequence of the manual labor he participated in while I was gone this weekend?), so last night we were talking about when he threw his back out a few years ago.  He swore that it happened when the house flooded and we were living in the apartment.  I really thought we were at home when it happened.  Lucky for him, he has a wife that records all of life's little details on this blog, so we dug into old posts to settle the dispute.  It took me a little bit to find the right post, but we found this in the process... February 2011... we were living in the apartment down the street while the house was being repaired. We were laying in bed one night, listening to the girls have their own little conversation across the hall...

Emma: You feet hurting? 
Alex: Yeah
Emma: My feet hurting, too.  You want to go shopping? 
Alex: Yeah
Emma: You want to go shopping, yeah? 
Alex: Yeah
Emma: I want to go shopping, too. 
Drew and I were laying in bed and listening to them, but I couldn’t help but giggle.  Then…
Emma: You keep it down?  I trying to go to sleep!

You guys, really.  I've sometimes questioned my decision to record so many facets of our life here...  here, for all the world to read.  Let me just say, for the record, that I am SO VERY THANKFUL that I have.  Moments like those would have been forgotten if not for the fact that I wrote it down.  My silly, sweet, caring, sassy Emma and the way that she loved her sister.  Their relationship was something special and I'm so grateful that I have so many memories recorded as a reminder.  

Oh, while I hate to admit it, Drew was right.  His back went out when we were living in the apartment.  He wins this one, but surely I get some credit for being the one to have recorded it.  Right?  

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