"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Payson's Birthday

Casey & Sasha's youngest, Payson, turned one on Wednesday.  They drove down that evening and we all met at the park for cake and ice cream... and other shenanigans.


Payson & Poppy 

Kyle & Misty 

The tractor cake that mom made for Payson.

The baker... aka Mom or Grandma.

Sasha brought water squirters for the kids, so I took the liberty of helping Tessa spray her daddy.

Payson had Grandpa Whimpy fetching the ball, and they were both quite happy about it.

Then Braeden sat in the floor and rolled the ball with Payson.

I'm not sure if I want to know what Drew & Kyle were contemplating here.

Payson & Sasha.

Payson had to think pretty hard about why he would bother to use a spook instead of his face & fingers.

But he was willing to share with his daddy.  


If a picture of me and my mom is a time progression, then this is the male version.  At least Sasha doesn't have to wonder what Casey will look like in 28 years.

Selfie, so that there is proof I was there :)   And no, I don't know what I was doing with my arm here. 

A baseball bat?!  Casey helped Payson give a good swing and he thought that was great.

The big kids (Casey, Kyle & Drew) and the actual kids played Nerf baseball for a while, but Kyle took time to let Tessa pitch.

Sasha thought it would be funny to fill an empty bottle with ice water from the cooler and attack Casey.  The tables turned and she got soaked!  

Just because I think Misty is beautiful.

Kayla has a trick where she tells people she can make their hand smell like chocolate.  Drew didn't fall for it a few weeks ago, but Poppy was willing to play along.  She rubbed his hand like this...

and then told him to smell it.  When he put his hand to his nose she slapped it.  We all laughed too hard. 

I think we all had a great time getting together and celebrating Payson's first birthday!

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