"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


As far as averages go, we have had a fairly mild summer.  Things are heating up now and 93 degrees feels more like 130 degrees to me.  Yuck.  For the love of humidity!  It's so humid that even 75 degrees leaves me in a sweat.  "They" say that we could use some rain, but everything feels damp to me.
I planned to do yard work on Monday morning, but the grass was so wet.  Even by 10am it was still soggy.  I decided to do the weed eating first.  By the way, what is the past tense of weed eating?  Weed eated?  Weed ate?  Neither sounds right, so I will avoid having to say it.  I figured that a few more hours would dry things out enough, so I put the weed eater in the back of the truck and drove to Dad's to tackle his dog pen.  When I headed back home to mow, it started raining.  Awesome.  I was irritated to not finish the yard, but it turns out that it wasn't such a bad thing.  A few hours later I realized how the heat and humidity had really worn me out.  Fast forward to yesterday.  I finally mowed about 10:30am, taking it in sections and trying not to get too hot.  The grass was still a bit damp and harder to mow, but it had to be done.  I seem to recall yard work being a lot more fun 3 months and 20 degrees ago.  Funny how that works, right?  
My garden is still producing.  I picked tomatoes last Wednesday and by Sunday morning I picked 56 more cherry tomatoes.  I can barely give them away fast enough!  And... drum roll please... I picked my  first zucchini since the great zucchini surgery!  
I don't think I ever shared this photo from one of Braeden's football games.  Kayla, me, Misty and Mom.  
And one from the Tim McGraw concert a couple of weeks ago...
Sasha and the kids will be here this afternoon and are spending the night.  I'm trying to scan the living room and move breakables out of the path of the toddlers!  It's funny how quickly my house (and Drew & I) have gotten used to not having little ones in the house.  I have to be creative, because I can pull out a million toys and Tessa will still find the one thing that she probably shouldn't be playing with!  Now that Payson is mobile they can double team!  

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