"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Canada, eh?

I just realized that this didn't published on Monday. Oops.  
We have arrived in Toronto! 

On the plane... 

The skyline and view of downtown Toronto on the flight in was amazing.  I can't wait to visit there tomorrow.  Drew has meeting down there in the morning, so I'm going along to take a subway ride and spend a few hours at the Royal Ontario Museum... hopefully :) 

After we got through customs, picked up our baggage and rental car and dropped his coworker at the hotel... we went to the Toronto Zoo.  They are one of the few zoos in North America that have Pandas, so that was what I wanted to see.  

If you could see through the glare, that's a very fat and lazy Panda behind us.  
This guy was so funny, kicked back and relaxing with his body covered and his mouth full of bamboo.  I'm fairly sure that if he had been wearing pants that he would have had one paw stuck into his waistband like Al Bundy!  Despite that, I really just wanted to give it a huge hug and snuggle up.  You know, if I could have been sure that I wouldn't be mauled and killed.  Perhaps that's why they have the glass and fences? 
The female was beautiful.  Did you know that they keep them seperated because in the wild they live seperately unless it is time to mate?  Learn something new every day.  
There was also a baby polar bear.  It was so funny, sitting in it's bowl and playing like a puppy.  
Surely you remember my funny about standing in our map... Joey style (for my Friend's fans).  
We walked about a million miles downhill to get the the new exhibit with the grizzly bears.  They were pretty impressive, but the million mile walk back up the hill was a chore!  Drew said that Cheryl must really walk as fast as I say she does, because I kept up during our entire visit!  I guess those walks and stairs are paying off with my increased endurance.  
We left the zoo feeling like we had just walked a marathon, but on our way out we saw a black squirrel.  DId you know they are black here?  I was the dork rolling the window down to take a photo... but only so I could show Pat & Big Alex.  
It was a great afternoon and the weather here is fabulous.  I slept in this morning and when Drew is finished with his meetings for the day then we will go explore on our own.  Yeah!  

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