"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Football is in full swing.  The Hogs won in a big was yesterday (no matter that they were playing a no name team, a win is a win) and the NFL games have begun.  At 9:30pm:

Me: Are we staying up until the Broncos game is over?
Drew: We can go to bed if you want to.
Me: You want to finish it though, right? 
Drew: Yeah.
Me: Is going to bed after the 3rd quarter sort of like falling asleep an hour and a half into a movie? 
Drew:  Yep.   

I'm perfectly fine with staying up until the end, especially since I know he was willing to sacrifice the 4th quarter when he thought I was sleepy.   That being said, if you choose to stay up late to finish a game then you should be aware...

Ladies, when your husband is watching football he is not really listening to you.  Example:

While watching the Broncos play the Colts...

Me: That guy has quite a strut.
Drew: I might be cocky, too, if I was a NFL running back.
Me: I would keep you in line.
Drew: (silent nod & smile)
Me: Unless you got rich and famous and left me for some pretty young thing.
Drew: (silent nod & smile)
Me: But, I would have supported you on your way to fame, so if you left me then I would get half of your money in alimony. 
Drew: (silent nod & smile)
Me: You aren't listening to anything I'm saying, are you?
Drew: (silence)
Me: Drew?
Drew: Huh?

Next time the Broncos are playing, I think I will ask for something good.  I will surely get the silent nod & smile and take that as confirmation that whatever I want is fine with him.  

Of course, I say all that in good fun.  He really is quite attentive the majority of the time and I've known from the very beginning that fall equals football.  

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