"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, September 25, 2014


So I got home Sunday night and Drew flew in Monday night (he had more meetings on Monday).  I'm not even ashamed to say that going through customs and all the airport stuff by myself made me feel like a big girl.  For the record, I think I would be an awful customs agent.  They are so dry and grumpy. I think they have to be.  They can't do what I would do and say, "Oh! Did you have fun here?  What did you do?  Wasn't it wonderful?!  Enjoy your flight home and have a lovely day."  Nope, they have to be all like, "Where are you going?  What were you doing here?"  Don't forget the long periods of silence, as if they are sizing you up and reckoning all that they know about you (which is nothing) to make an educated decision on whether or not to allow you back into the country.  No matter, they let me back into the states and stamped my passport to say so.  
Want to hear something that sucks?  This was my first trip out of the country.  I was carrying my brand spanking new passport, all excited to have my first stamp in the story of what is hopefully the first of many exciting travels.  The customs agent when we arrived in Toronto did the whole grumpy questioning thing, asked Drew questions about his work that she obviously didn't understand the answers to, used her handy highlighter to mark up our customs form and then sent us on our way.  She didn't even stamp my passport!  What a rip off!  
Obviously, this trip to Toronto was because of Drew's work.  That made it different from a typical vacation, because Drew was wearing two hats... his business hat and his husband hat.  That was interesting for me to see.  I think we were both very glad that I was there to encourage him to explore the city a bit.  He's been there a handful of times and really hadn't seen anything expect office buildings and his hotel room.  That's not to say that he didn't spend the whole day working, explore with me in the evenings and then spend a couple of hours on the computer working before he was willig to go to bed.  One thing that was funny was paying for things.  During the day I was on my own, so I either hung at out the hotel or rode into town with Drew and did my own thing while he worked.   When Drew and I had dinner together at night we always had to split the bill.  His business expenses didn't include me :)  I always felt a little bit like a the mistress or something, enjoying dinner together, but asking for seperate checks!  
A few things about being home after a week in a hotel... I've been home for 4 days now and nobody has scrubbed the bathroom or made my bed with fresh sheets.  Funny how quickly we get used to having housekeeping.  I am happy to not be living out of a suitcase, since my suitcase has a permanent mildew smell from being soaked during our delays and reroutes to Florida in April.  Nothing says yuck like your clothes smelling slightly damp all week.  
It's Bikes Blues and Barbeque in Northwest Arkansas and there are motorcycles everywhere.  Drew & I went to Braeden's baseball game Tuesday evening and Kyle showed us a picture of his newest toy.  He's something of a trading, bartering expert and by starting with a few toys years ago he has had quite the revolving door of vehicles and toys.  The lastest?  
I have absolutely no interest (or the nerve) to ever be the driver, but I can't lie when I say that I was pretty excited to see Kyle pull into my driveway yesterday afternoon.  Before he left he took me for a ride around the block.  So, obviously, I'm now a biker girl.  (Let's not mention the fact that I was wearing flip flops and had a death grip on Kyle's tshirt. And seriously, we were just going around my block and probably didn't even break 30mph.)  It was quite the rush and, while I have not interest in taking up the hobby, I can understand why some people love it.  Mark that off my bucket list, please.  

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Tsuds said...

:D oh Kyle's 'new toy' is beautiful (and puts my little 250cc bike to shame)