"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Labor Day

Drew and I had a good Labor Day weekend.  He took Friday off (still has lots of vacation to use before the end of the year) and we spent the day running errands and doing some shopping.  I'd like to report that we even had a good time at the DMV, where just so happened to get the one and only friendly worker.  No offense if you or a loved one works at a DMV, but surely you can sort of understand where the stereotype comes from.  At our local office there is usually one lady who is nice enough, one who seemingly tries (and succeeds) at being completely unpleasant 100% of the time and two others who fall somewhere in the middle.  When our number was called we got a girl who was just filling in there for the day and... what do you know... she was friendly.  It's a miracle!  Anyway, we both got new driver's licenses.  Drew's was cracked and mine just looked like a different person.  It's amazing how much I've changed in the last two years.  Lots more hair and different glasses had seemingly made me unrecognizable, considering the fact that every time I have to show my ID that I get double and triple takes with looks of questioning.  
April 2012
August 2014
Now my ID looks like me and I won't worry about going through customs when we go to Canada.  Speaking of, we had planned on leaving later this week, but there have been lots of changes at Drew's office that have put a lot on his plate and he has to go to Cleveland next week.  No matter, our tickets are now booked and we will leave on the 14th, Drew will work all week (and we should get to do some sight seeing in the evenings) and then we will stay that following weekend to visit Niagara Falls and some other places.  Yeah!  
The best part about running errands with Drew is hanging out together.  His truck has Sirius and we usually wind up on the 90's station, singing too loud, guessing what year each song came out and reminiscing about our teenage years.  We were both born in 1980, but we grew up in the 90's.  I think I'm really just now realizing how great those years were and there are few better ways to remember than with music and the person you love.  
We watched the first Razorback football game of the season with a coworker of Drew's on Saturday.  She and Drew are both football & Hog crazy, but this is the first time we had gone to their house to watch a game.  We appreciated the invite, the yummy food and the first half of the game (the second half was fairly terrible), but I would be lying if I said it wasn't pretty difficult.  We were missing our girls something awful.  Emma always thought it appropriate to call the Hogs at any sporting event (she once called the hogs at a Royals baseball game) and Alex was her daddy's best football buddy.  It still feels a bit wrong to enjoy such things without putting Razorback tattoos on their cheeks and dressing them in everyting Razorback that they owned.  Hopefully the first game was the most painful and it will only get better from here... both emotionally and football game winning.  
Dottie hosted dinner on Sunday evening and prepared quite the Italian spread.  I didn't think to take a photo until we had demolished the apetizers...
Jessica & Jason
Pat & Alex (who will always be "big" Alex to me) 
Me & Drew
I didn't get a picture of JR that night, so I will steal a photo from Jessica.  Yesterday he had surgery at Arkansas Children's Hospital.  He has had these issues with his thumbs from birth, but as he gets older it has become an issue in fine motor skills.  It's called trigger thumb and, in my layman's understanding, it means that he can't bend and straighten his thumbs properly or without pain.  The surgery was a fairly minor procedure, but any surgery feels like a big deal when it's a child.  From what I hear, he was less than impressed to wake up with all the IVs and find his hands in casts.  I do know a thing or two about going through something like that with a child and how difficult and frustrating it is, so my heart and prayers have been with them... and remain with them for the next week until the casts come off.  
Today I am cleaning house.  Drew had to work later than normal last night and he expects the same the rest of the week.  His heavy work load lately makes me extra thankful for our long weekend together.  

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