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-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, September 22, 2014

More fun

I guess you can tell from my lack of posting since Wednesday that I was busy having fun in Toronto the last half of the week!  There's a lot, so we shall see if I can fit it all into one post or if I have to stretch it out a little.  

After Drew finished work on Wednesday, we took the subway down to Chinatown and Kensington Market. I really enjoyed seeing different neighborhoods.  This was on the walk to Chinatown.  
Kensington Market is the super hippie, bohemian style neighborhood with quirky little shops, fresh food markets and lots of bright colors.  I wish I had gotten better pictures of it, because I thought it was really interesting.  For my Arkansas friends, think Eureka springs with more funk and less quaint.  
Drew was a good sport, though this probably wasn't his comfort zone.  He loves me enough to explore in a place where he fears his granola-ish wife might get sucked in and carried away!
We browsed through some very funky stores and I bought a Rolling Stones t-shirt, just because it felt like the right thing to do :-)  
Chinatown was a different world.  I've never been to a Chinatown in a big city, so it was really all new to me.  It was much dirtier than the other parts of the city that we had seen so far and little stores were crammed in every available space, as well as random set ups on the sidewalk selling herbs and strange produce.  
I like this picture because you can see our shadows on the sidewalk (even though the wind made my hair look like wings on the sides of my head).  
Between Chinatown and the theater we found a little pizzaria and stopped for dinner.  Maybe it was because we were so hungry, maybe it was because it was an adorable little hole in the wall establishment or maybe it really was that good... but it was probably my favorite meal of the week.  
Drew told me that the best way to behave when out and about (especially when I was by myself) was to act like I belonged.  I figured that having my phone out and taking photos of everything would scream tourist, but I quickly realized that everyone was on their phone doing something.  So, I figured if I could act like I was checking my email or something, then I could snap a photo without being totally obvious.  Dont know if that worked or not.  This picture of Drew waiting for the subway was one such attempt at taking a pic on the sly.  
That look on Drew's face says that he knows I'm  taking a picture and not checking my email.  Haha.  
The next super awesome thing that we did was on Friday evening... we took the subway to Yonge Dundas Square to see Wicked!  These are our, "We are so excited!" faces.  
Once we got to the square everyone had their phones out taking photos, so I jumped in.  
SInce we were in fact tourists, we chose to have dinner at the Hard Rock.  The main reason for that was that we could sit by the window and watch all the action outside.  After dinner we stood in the square and watched a street performer doing some crazy things with fire.  
And we didn't need a map of the square (because it's a square, y'all)... 
We stilll had about an hour until we needed to be at the theater, so we roamed around with the massive crowd and found ourselves in a shopping mall right there off the square.  It was insanity and we couldn't get out fast enough.  Too. Many. People.  So many.  I can say, without a doubt, that I do not need any piece of clothing badly enough to endure such a situation.  And I surely wouldn't do it just for fun.  We escaped the mad house (including a ridiculously long line of people leading to the Apple store) and spent a while just enjoying the squre and the people watching.  This was much more of a tourist area and, while I'm glad we got to see it, it was not my favorite part of the city.  Why was it worth going down there?  Wicked at The Ed Mirvish Theater! 
The sign in the theater said no photography, so this was my super sly/we might get caught attempt at a selfie once we got to our seats.  
Then Drew pointed out that everyone in there was taking photos, so...
Obviously, they meant to not take photos of the production.  I can't even tell you how much I loved it.  It was really fantastic and I would absolutely recommend Wicked to anyone who has a chance to see it.  I would go see it again, should I have the opportunity.  Heidi was right, I will never think of the Wizard of Oz the same again.  The production was fabulous, the performers were fantastic and the whole thing was just awesome.  It was so awesome that I spent way too much money on a tshirt.  Drew says that I am to wear it when I'm in a bad mood, as a warning to him that I may behave wicked.  
By the time we left it was dark and the square was lit up.   
Okay, I'll leave you here for now and save the rest for later.

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