"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, September 27, 2014


You guys, one of my wishes for this year was to go somewhere I had never been before and do things that I'd never done before.  I think I've pretty much got that in the bag and it's only September.  
Drew had plans with his dad and brother this morning to go sight in their deer rifles in anticipation of the early hunt in a few weeks.  He asked me to go, but I thought he was just being nice and that it was just a guys thing.  A couple of days later he asked again if I would go, so I figured he really meant it.  They all three sighted in their rifles and when each one was done they let me shoot.  Pat's gun was first.  
The target was set up 100 yards away, so the guys had binoculars to see the hits.  They say I hit the target, which I was plenty proud of.  If they were just being nice by saying so then I appreciate that, too!  
See that white spot in the distance, that's the target.  
Truth?  I may have said a bad word after my first shot.  I just came out and the power and kick of the rifle blew that dirty word right out of my mouth.  Oops.  

Rocking the ear plugs...
Just for the record, I'm not a fan of earplugs.  I have issues with certain noises anyway and putting those earplugs in just made me hyper aware the things most people don't notice.  I could hear myself breathing and swallowing and I was about to drive myself crazy!  You can't hear the birds chirping, but you can hear the scratching noise when you scratch your own nose.  Speaking of that, I read an article the other day about this exact issue.  Misophonia.  I guess it's a real thing and I'm not the only one.  Of course, I'm not going postal on anyone, but I do find myself quite irritated over the sound of people chewing loudly (especially ice or crunchy things) and I don't even like to hear myself chew.  I will actually ask Drew to turn the television up so I can't hear myself eating.  Or Drew has these nervous ticks (he doesn't even know he's doing it) where he does things like rub his fingers across the remote control buttons.  I can hear that tiny little sound from across the room and it very often gets to the point that I have to ask him to stop.  Telling myself to ignore it does no good, it just makes me more and more aware.  I know, I'm a big fat weirdo.  I'm going to go ahead and blame this on my dad, because he has the same issues.  Anyway, my point was that wearing the earplugs to protect my ears from the gun shots made me hyper aware of noises that most people pay no attention to.  NASCAR next weekend should be interesting, since earplugs or headphones are pretty much a requirement for survival.  
Back at the house for the Hogs game...  It was really such a great game and the Hogs came so very very close to beating A&M.  I'm sneaky and I finally couldn't fight the urge to snap these photos of Drew & John.  
On the edge of their seats...
When we missed a very important field goal... 
And then when A&M tied up the game with a touchdown...
I hope Drew isn't mad that I'm sharing these, but he really is so animated and expressive when it comes to his beloved Hogs.  I quit taking photos after that because we went into overtime and that didn't work out in our favor.  Boo.  Even so, I'm super proud of our showing against the #5 ranked team.  As for me, I enjoyed the game with this view...
Kyle & Misty invited us out this evening, but since we had company we declined.  Truth be told, Drew is probably way too worn out from that game and feeling a bit depressed over how it ended.  I'm not distraught, but I am worn out.  On Tuesday I mowed, did the weed eating and cut back the rose bush. On Wednesday I walked 3.7 miles with Cheryl.  On Thursday I weeded flower beds, put down fresh mulch and planted beautiful mums.  
On Friday Heidi, Cheryl and I walked 3+ hilly miles, did the JBU stairs 3 times (100 steps up & back down) and finished it off with burpees.  So, after all of that, today's trek through the fields and kick of the rifles... I'm toast.  I intend to stay right here in my chair and eat leftover cheese dip for the rest of the evening.  

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