"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

That can't be right

In a rare turn of events, Cheryl had to cancel our workout this morning.  The best kind of friends are the ones that you want the best for and you don't want to disappoint.  In that spirit, I'm praying for Cheryl's migraine to vanish and I worked out on my own.  
You know what's not cool?  I spent 45 minutes doing a dance workout vidoe (during which I was extremely grateful that nobody could see how ridiculous I looked), worked my core, felt the burn and then... I saw myself in the mirror.  What?!  That can't be right.  I look exactly the same only sweaty.  I can feel my abs, so why can't I see them?  They are somewhere under all this cushion, surely.  
Remember my recent rant about Grandpa's neurologist?  Well, let me take a moment to give equal (plus some) praise about his appointment yesterday.  It was our first experience at the Senior Health Clinic in Fayetteville and it was fabulous.  They were professional, friendly and prompt.  Yeah, that's right, I just said a doctor's office was prompt.  It really happened.  Dr. Gemmell is the neuropsychologist that did Grandpa's memory evaluation and he & his staff were wonderful.  It was obvious that he actually read the pile of paperwork that they sent for me to fill out prior to his appointment.  He met with me and Grandpa in seperate rooms, allowing us both to share and ask questions honestly and openly.  He effectively answered the question that I couldn't get the neurologist to answer and help me understand the situation and how the results of the memory evaluation will help us see the bigger picture.  I made sure to tell him how much I appreciated his attention and time.  What is equally as impressive as a doctor meeting my lofty standards?  When we left the office Grandpa actually said, "That's the first time I ever enjoyed a doctor's appointment and felt like I was treated like a human being."  So, yeah, I was very impressed with the Senior Health Clinic in general and specifically with Dr. Gemmel and his staff.  Also, I find the merge of neurology and psychology to be fascinating and so very important when it comes to putting together a big picture (for people of any age, but specifically for seniors).  I give the entire situation two thumbs up and I look forward to meeting with them again in a few weeks to talk about the results.  
Before I took Grandpa home, we did the grocery shopping, where the lady a the pharmacy told me that I reminded her of the blonde girl from The Big Bang Theory.  I assumed that because of my glasses she meant Bernadette.  That's not an insult, but I sort of wanted to pretend that she meant Penny (Kaley Cuoco).  This seemed like a good enough reason to take it to facebook.  
On a side note, I appreciate all the comments confirming my comparison to Kaley (top right).  The real reason I thought the comment at the pharmacy was funny was because I've been thinking about hair.  My hair is longer now that it has been in a good long while and I most appreciate being able to wear my curly hair down naturally.  Then... Kaley Cuoco goes and cuts her hair into an adorable little pixie.  I have a 15+ year history of cutting my hair this short, wearing it that way for a matter of months and then growing it back out, only to repeat.  Drew is no help.  Every time I get it past the awkward growing out phase, he thinks it would be a great idea for me to cut it again.  It just so happens that I have an appointment at the salon tomorrow and I'm resisting the momentary urge to make the cut.  The main reason?  I like my curls.  I think my crazy curls are a reflection of my quirky personality.  I also like having styling options and feeling like a girl.  I'm only being honest when I say that my short hair is much less fun when I'm not fixed up.  Without a flat iron to tame the curls, a face full of make-up and a cute outfit, the short hair makes me feel like a boy.  So that's that... for now.  My long curly hair stays and we will let Kaley Cuoco (and her beauty team) rock the pixie cut.  
I took my big camera to Braeden's baseball game last night, finally deciding to allow myself to be the crazy camera lady in the name of getting a few good photos.  It turns out that 6:45pm is a really crappy time to take photos outside.  It was nearly dark outside, but the lights on the field were burning bright and my camera was just confused.  I'm sure a professional would have known how to make that work, but I'm just the crazy aunt with the camera.  I'll have to put the photos on the computer to see if any of them are worth sharing, but I don't think any of them were worth the fuss.  Instead, I helped Misty and Kayla make friendship bracelets for the 3rd grade fair at school on Friday while cheering on Braeden.  Two things about that... I super duper love Misty & Kayla and I do not have a future career in bracelet making.  We did go to Jose's for dinner after the game, where we sweet talked the waiter into changing the channel to the World Series.  Seriously, what bar & grill doesn't have that on anyway?!  I'd rather not talk about how badly the Royals lost the first game of the series, so I'll just end this post by saying how much I genuinely enjoy spending time with my brother's family.  

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