"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, October 27, 2014


We had a busy weekend, but before I tell you all about that I have something selfish to say.  Ready?  Go.
When Drew and I bought our house, more than 9 years ago, we were over the moon.  We chose Siloam because we could afford to buy a house in an established neighborhood (with trees!) where our kids could play in the yard.  It was (and has been) absolutely worth it.  Then, one of the first neighbors we met pretty much scared us silly.  Hurricane Katrina had just struck and the church camp just outside of town opened up to bus loads of evacuees.  Our neighbor came over, introduced herself and immediately went into a rant about the colored people that would now be in town!  Um, what?! Neither of us could remember her name after that, so we affectionately called her "racist lady" for much too long.  Now that I've said that awful bit, let me say that she later brought up that conversation and how awful it was of her to say those things.  After that we simply called her Ms. Sandy.  She became a good friend, leaving Christmas gifts for the girls from "Sandy Claus" and kept an eye on our house when we were out of town.  She passed away a couple of years ago and her daughter moved into the house.  While we aren't close friends, we are friendly and I'm glad she's there.  When we were in Toronto she painted her house and I immediately noticed how cute it was.  Today they are outside doing the trim.  When I got home just now they were outside and I stopped to visit, even getting a peak at what they've done inside.  I joked with her about how selfishly happy I am about this.  Of course, I'm happy for her because it's always fun to give your home a fresh new feel, but I'm happy for me because it can only help our resale value when we are ready to sell!  When prospective buyers are standing in my driveway, it's a nice thing for the house across the street to be cute and freshly painted.  Now the really selfish part (that I didn't say out loud to her)... my house is ADORABLE.  This may be terribly conceited, but I still think it's true.  I see my house from the street as I'm pulling in and from the yard when I'm outside working, but I don't usually see it from my neighbor's viewpoint.  I know I'm having a case of the big head here, but I think maybe that's okay.  We have always taken great care of our home and have made many upgrades over the years.  I mean, really, who wouldn't want to buy my adorable home when the time comes?!

Okay, moving on.  We went to Stacey & Punky's vow renewal on Saturday evening and it was lovely.  You know from my last post that I was a bit confused about what to expect (and having a bit of social anxiety over the, well, social part).  To clarify, the renewal was pretty much full on wedding.  Wedding dress, fancy decorations and big cake.  I still have zero interest in having such an even for myself, I have to say that they entire thing was super sweet.  These are very dear friends and they have committed the last 20 years of their lives together.  The vows that they took and the look in their eyes emitted 100% love and devotion.  That's awesome and I'm glad we were there to share in that moment.

Me & Punky 

Me & Drew

Brian & Tanya

My favorite picture!  They fellas spent 2 years together at Ft. Sill, have remained close and it's always great to have them together again.  Plus, how handsome is Stacey in his dress blues?  

This picture cracks me up.  It's actually a great picture of me, Punky & Tanya and I love that part.  The funny part is the height difference between me and Punky.  I'm really not very tall (5'5"), but I was wearing 4 inch heals.  Punky is VERY petitie (measuring in at 4'11").  This picture almost makes it look like Punky is sitting down.  For the record, she's not.  We are all standing, the height difference is just drastic.  

I should also probably apologize publicly for being rude.  You see, the wedding just happened to be at the same time as the World Series game.  I may or may not (but definitely did) check the score of the game on my phone periodically throughout the reception.  I can't believe I'm that rude girl.  

Sunday!  Misty & Kyle hosted the 4th annual McCarty Kids pumpkin carving contest.  This actually happened by coincidence the first year, when somehow we all wound up at my house at just the right time of year and wound up carving pumpkins.  We've planned it ever year since then.  I've always hosted, but this year I asked Misty to do the honor.  

Tessa & Kayla (this was actually a funny Tessa face, not a mad one!)
 The boys played baseball in the yard forever.  Check out Braeden pitching.
Kyle batting...

 Drew & Casey were outfielders (that spent more time laughing than chasing the ball)

I didn't play baseball, but I did give my best effort at the hoola hoop (is that how you spell it?).  Anyway, it seems that somewhere in the last 25 years I have lost the ability to do that!  I tried and tried and then I finally got it.  Well, I didn't get it indefinitely, but I kept it from falling directly to the ground.  It must have been a sight, because Casey's response was, "I think I just threw up a little."  Apparently hoola hooping is not something that you want to see your sister do!  Let's just all be glad that nobody was taking photos during that! 
 Braeden took Casey for a ride in the go cart (and Casey had something of a death grip during the entire ride).
 Boys will be boys.  Oh, and men will be boys.  Kyle was riding Braeden's dirt bike, so Tessa posed for a pic.
Since the previous years carving contests have turned into an adult competition, we made sure the kiddos had a project of their own this year.  Misty & Sasha made sure the pumpkins would stay stacked and sturdy.
Kayla was the main artist, so she posed with the finish Olaf (the snowman from Frozen).  The pumpkin is great, but look how beautiful Kayla is.  I mean, really.
 Payson is full on little boy now!  He's walking and pretty well doing whatever he wants to!  He had no more success with hoola hooping than I did, except that he looked cute carrying it around.
 And now for the big kids' pumpkins.  The girls chose a scary face this year.  Misty is our meticulous artist, so she got the hardest of the jobs.  I cut out the top, Sasha cleaned out the goop and then we enjoyed adult beverages while Misty did the hard part!  Turns out that I was very good at my job :)
 The girls' finished product. (Taken while all 10 of us were standing in the dark in the garage to get the full effect!)
 Since the boys retreat to the garage for super secret carving, I have no pictures of their process.  (We take this WAY too seriously, so no peaking or spying was allowed).  They chose a deer head.
 And then we put all three outside for display.  I put them all on facebook for our friends to judge the winner.  Last time I checked it was tied.  Maybe we couldn't decide who was the winner because we are all so very awesome!
I really value the time that my brothers and our families are all able to be together.  How strange is it the the McCarty kids are the grown ups now?  Funny how time does that.  I feel super blessed with brothers that crack me up (and would do anything for me), sisters-in-law that I absolutely adore and nieces and nephews to spoil.  God is good and I am so very blessed.  

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