"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas Gifts

I saw my blog on Facebook today.  Posted by someone I don't know.  The only reason I saw it was because a mutual friend had 'liked' the link.  Weird.  Maybe, just maybe, that means that I have something of value to say now and then?  How very strange.  And flattering. 
The link that was shared was to the post I wrote last month about buying Christmas gifts for the special kiddos at Friendship.  (It's the post titled "Firing" from October 10th, should you care to go back and read it.)  The lady that shared the link works at Friendship and feels so invested in the kids that she cares for everyday that she wanted to do what she could to help us buy the needed gifts.  Pretty cool.  I haven't mentioned it here again for this reason... I don't like to hear others brag about something they've done for another.  If you need recognition for it then it doesn't ring as true.  In my opinion.  I find the line in the sand to be blurry when it comes to encouraging others to do good without bragging on yourself.  Example: If you leave a waitress a $100 tip, take a photo and put it on social media, then I wonder if you are doing it to be nice to another human being or to draw attention to yourself.  Does that make sense?  Okay, so that's why I haven't brought it up again and I feel uncomfortable sharing any more details.  Despite my own feelings, I feel like those who have helped us so far and those who are interested in still doing so deserve a little update. 
In just a couple of weeks I will be going on a super shopping date with Cheryl (who is my dear friend and was Alex & Emma's physical therapist for years) where we will be purchasing a gift for each child at Friendship.  Friendship is a day care, preschool and therapy clinic for children from infant-5 years old who have a special needs.  (Alex & Emma continued getting therapies there on an out patient basis as they got older.)  I don't have a hard number yet, but I know there are approximately 80-90 children that we will be shopping for and I have full intention of spending $10-$15 on each child.  We will go with a detailed list of each child and suggestions on what that child may need and/or want.  (Examples of why the details are important:  A child who is prone to seizures doesn't need a toy that lights up or flashes.  A stuffed animal is a bad idea for a child with severe allergies.  A child working on fine motor skills may benefit from certain toys or puzzles.  Get the idea?) 
We have had three donations thus far. Totaling about $300.  I'm so very grateful.  As I've said before, this doesn't come with tax write offs or recognition.  You won't get to see the kiddos that receive these gifts (nor will I) and none of our names will be on the gift tags.  Santa gets to give the actual gifts and I praise God for the ability to facilitate this.  Drew & I will be filling in whatever amount necessary to purchase these gifts, but if you would like to contribute then you may contact me at adh957@yahoo.com

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Tsuds said...

I have to admit that I've referred people to your blog a couple of times when, after being with them, I've thought that listening to you could be good. You have a real, caring way of saying things.