"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, November 3, 2014


Drew took Friday off (have to use up some vacation days before the end of the year, so he'll be doing that some) and got a lot done.  Among other things... We voted.  If you didn't vote early then I encourage you to brave the polls tomorrow and vote.  Then we both got our flu shots.  If we get the flu this year then it won't be because we didn't do what we could to prevent it.  In the spirit of leading by example, I encourage you all to do the same.

On Friday night we met Dottie, Jessica, Jason & JR at Shogun to celebrate Dottie's birthday.  We had a yummy meal and nice visit and... I failed to take a single photo.

Saturday afternoon we attended the wedding of an old family friend.  Matt is Kyle's age, they grew up playing baseball together (and his younger brother with Casey) and our families have been friends for 20+ years.  The wedding was lovely and... I failed to take a single photo.

After the wedding, Kyle's crew wound up back at our house to watch football.  We ordered out for BBQ and had a great time together.  I wouldn't have thought to take photos then either, but the kids had energy to burn, Kyle told them to go outside and Drew convinced them that raking leaves and playing in them would be a great plan.  So, I grabbed the camera.

Kyle warned Braeden that the pile of leaves would not be like a pillow, so to be careful.  Braeden was careful, took one good run and jump, stood up and said, "That's not fun at all."  It was so funny!  He sure did look cute playing in them though.  

Kayla was only willing to squat in the leaf pile, afraid of getting dirty I suppose.  Isn't she beautiful?  

She spent most of her time doing flips off the front flower bed.  Just watching her doing these gymnastic moves makes my entire body ache!  

I let Foose & Mac out to play (Toto can't hear and doesn't listen anyway, so he had to stay in the fence) and Foose was over the moon to play fetch.  He was confused in the picture, staring down Misty with anticipation when Braeden was actually ready to throw the ball.  

Me & Misty :) 

Sunday was a good day to stay home and watch movies, NASCAR & football.  I'm glad we had that day off together because this work week is liable to be a hectic one for Drew.  Lot's going on, early mornings and late nights anticipated.  You know what that means?  I making crazy progress on Kyle & Misty's quilt and flying through episodes of Scandal on Netflix.  

One more thing... I've had a quite a few people ask me lately about my Dad.  I haven't shared an update here in a while, so... Recap of the situation: earlier this year he was diagnosed with non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver.  (Yes, sometimes people who aren't alcoholics get cirrhosis.  His biopsies show that his liver disease was caused by fatty tissue.) His liver function is extremely compromised and that results in a build up of ammonia in his body (a healthy liver filters that out for you) which causes extreme fatigue, dizziness, shakiness, weakness, encephalopathy (foggy feeling in his head) and a general feeling of yuckiness almost all of the time.  As for how he is doing in the last month or so... some days are pretty awful... every once in a while he will have a day or two that is a decent.  His last doctor appointment showed that his ammonia levels are a bit lower than they were at their highest, but still pretty high (even with all the medications trying to bring it down).  He is not working and there is honestly no way that he could.  His body is so weak.  Even if he felt steady enough to drive to and from work (which he doesn't), there is no way he could endure any period of time there.  I know he misses his buddies at work and staying home all of the time can be frustrating.  He's had a few falls and that's just from being so weak that the simplest thing can be much more difficult.   Here's the nasty truth about liver disease... it doesn't get better.  The only real plan to to try to keep it from getting much worse very quickly.  I take him to the liver doc regularly, he stays very hydrated, avoids red meat (because protein is processed by the liver -protein in red meat is the worst- and his liver can't break it down) and takes his medications.  He tends to feel a bit better early in the day and worse as the day goes on.  He gets around the house okay, but anything outside the house is really difficult.  That's about the gist of it.  I'm grateful for all of you that check in on him with phone calls & texts, ask about him and pray for him.  

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