"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

9 days and a wake up

Not that I'm counting, but Mexico is fast approaching.  Our new suitcase (that zips and unzips without the efforts of a strong man and a full set of power tools and doesn't smell like mildew) has arrived, I have pulled out all of my summer clothes (and made a complete mess) and I'm nearly ready to start packing.  Yeah, I'm excited.  Next week will include a trim at the salon (maybe this beach trip will have beach wavy hair that is a tad bit less scary than April's Florida trip did) and a pedicure (because you know that I love feet pictures and when those photos are on the beach my toes must look festive).  
I've finished the Christmas shopping, have a few things left to wrap and then those things need to be delivered before we leave.  We had talked about having special dates with each of the neices and nephews (instead of buying presents), but that plan didn't totally happen.  The idea for JR was the Christmas train.  I failed to buy those tickets before they sold out, because apparently that's an uber popular event for little ones.  Oops.  Instead, Drew picked a couple of things that he thought JR would love.  Tessa & Payson are still so little, so I decided that a visit to deliver gifts before Christmas would be the best plan.  Kayla and Braeden were the two that lucked out on the Christmas date.  There are two truths to admit here.  1) They are 7 and 8, and that is a super fun age to do fun things (and chasing a toddler or preschooler isn't part of the responsibility).  2) They already have a bunch of cool stuff and we were at a total loss for what to buy them.  So, this past Saturday we watched Kayla play her basketball games and then whisked the kids away for some fun.  

High Rise is a new place in Rogers and it's awesome.  It's a trampoline park.  I mean, it is actually wall to wall trampolines.  Some are flat, some are ramped, some are lowered and filled with foam.  (and it was a great excuse to use the panoramic setting on my phone camera)
I had thought that we would all four jump, but Drew brought me back to reality.  The truth?  Drew has two bad knees and, while an ambulance ride would have been memorable, we figured we wouldn't let him jump and roll the dice on him ever being able to walk again.  Oh, and also, I've had two babies. There's a decent chance that I could pee a little every time I cough or sneeze, so an hour of trampoline jumping didn't seem like the best plan to test my public bladder control.  (sorry for that over sharing, but you have to admit it's funny.)  So, we followed the kids around and enjoyed every minute of it.  (there are platforms for the non-jumpers to observe).  
The kids had a blast and an hour of jumping will leave even the most energetic kiddos dripping in sweat and gasping for breath.  

The rest of the afternoon involved games, pizza, bowling and more games.  

We wound up getting so many tickets from playing games that the kids got to pick great prizes... leaving them with cool presents after a fun Christmas date.  One more truth?  I was EXHAUSTED.  I mean, totally worn out!  
This week has been more real life and less fun & games.  Dad isn't doing great.  He is very weak, very swollen all over and has been falling much too often.  I've spoken to the doctor and we are considering the best plan to have things evaluated and treated.  The ugly truth is that liver disease doesn't get better, but hopefully the doctors can get the symptoms under better control so that Dad can remain safely and independently in his home.  Grandpa has been a great help and I'm so grateful that he is there.  Also, I don't think I ever shared that Grandpa's dog, Lucky, passed away the Friday before Thanksgiving.  We knew it was coming (Lucky was almost 15 and not well), but it was still sad.  I've been so proud of how Grandpa has handled the loss.  He did want Lucky to be cremated, that has been done and I will pick up the ashes today.  
So, yeah.  It's Christmas.  The only decoration in our home is a red poinsettia that Grandpa bought for me. We definitely couldn't have emotionally handled the traditional Christmas this year.  We are both so very thankful that we have chosen to do things differently for our first Christmas without the girls and for the understanding of our family.  Like I said, 9 days and a wake up.  My flip flops are ready and waiting.  

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