"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, December 5, 2014


Did I tell you that I was making a quilt for Misty & Kyle?  Misty & I scoured Pinterest for quilts that she loved and that I felt like I could do.  We settled on this one as our inspiration.
There was no tutorial for the quilt, but I used my best guess for fabric needs, we picked the fabrics in the colors she wanted for her room (cream, tan, brown and just a tiny hint of black) and then I dug in.  I found a similar star and instructions that I felt like I could tackle.  I pulled out my cheap sewing machine (it sucks) and quickly decided I had no patience for it.  I pulled out my Grandma's very old machine and quickly decided that it was't up to the task without a good cleaning & service.  More than that, I decided that I had no desire to sit in front of a machine for hours and hours.  So... I set out cutting all my  pieces and then began piecing by hand.  Six weeks later... I fiinished!  
Want a better comparison?  In the following photos, the top picture is the inspiration and the bottom picture of the one I made.  
And the real test... this photo that Misty sent once she got it on her bed.  

Kyle's reaction? "You mean we actually get to use it?"
Heck yeah! I don't believe in quilts that you can't snuggle up with and enjoy!  I even machine wash the quilts I make on delicate and tumble dry.  Okay, I've bragged long enough.  The truth is that I worked on it so intensely (that's my style) that by Tuesday night (and the last 24 inches of binding) I was growling and cursing to be finished! Also, I finally won an argument with Misty (which is a feat not many have managed) over not taking any money. The settlement? I used my talents to make the quilt and she is going to use her talents to paint us a picture of our choosing.  I think I'm coming out on top on this one. 

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