"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I'm lagging behind when it comes to posting about Thanksgiving. 
The more a family grows, the more difficult it is to have everyone together.  So, last Monday we all went to John & Alison's for an early Thanksgiving gathering.  I ate my weight in BBQ, cheese dip and the most delicious pie I've had in ages.  Let's blame my food coma on the lack of photos from that night. 
Drew & I went to Kyle & Misty's house for Thanksgiving with my family on Thursday.  Dad was having a difficult day (stupid liver disease is really kicking his butt) so he  couldn't make it and mom's husband Ken was with his sister, but everyone else was there.  I remembered my camera this time, but forgot the tripod, so we propped it on the counter to catch a pic of us all together. 
Kyle, Misty, Kayla & Braeden

Kayla said, "Wait, take a picture like this>"
Braeden said, "Aunt Mandy, can I make a crazy face now?" 
My dear baby brother, Casey, would rather jump off a bridge than have his photo taken.  I'm the mean one who offered to take their family photo.  Sasha really wanted to, we tried, it didn't go well.  But, of course, the unplanned are always the best.  These two photos honestly capture each personality. Momma' boy and Daddy's girl.  

I think Casey was pouting and thought the photo taking was over, but it's still a good photo.  

Sasha really wanted a family pic, so we tried again.  Can't you just see the look on Tessa's face that says, "Mom sounded pretty serious when she said I better do this"?   

This is the look I get from Grandpa when I decide we need a selfie together.  Confusion.
Me & Drew
Grandma LaGayle & Payson
After lunch Drew & I went to Dottie's.  Our lunch times had overlapped, but we still got to hang out with everyone.  At first I forgot to take my camera in, then I went back to the truck to get it.  From there, I completely failed to even take it out of the bag and take a single photo.  I'll take the blame, but surely I get a bit of a break because there was a heated Trivial Pursuit battle going on.  Okay, fine.  I did more sale paper studying and talking than Trivial Pursuit playing.  It's only honest to say that Big Alex & I talked entirely too much and annoyed the more focused game players.  Aunt Becky didn't help my focus with her funny answers and comments.  Sorry, y'all.  In my defense, I did get one question right for the girls team that nobody else knew.  To my shame, the question had something to do with Playboy and the answer was Jenny McCarthy.  Classy, right? 
When Jessica, Jason, JR, Pat & Alex had to leave, Drew & I sat around the table with Dottie, Becky and Jim and visited for quite some time (and even managed to eat a plate of yummy leftovers).  It was a long day, but it was a good day.  I can't lie when I say that I had a pretty serious social hangover the rest of the weekend.  Whew! 
Drew & I did go to the Razorback basketball game on Friday night.  It was fun because 1) it's basketball 2) it's Razorback basketball 3)it's Mike Anderson Razorback basketball 4)it's now a #18 ranked Mike Anderson Razorback basketball team.  Oh yeah, and Drew & I really just have so much fun together.  We purchased a mini plan (5 games, I think) a few weeks ago and are looking forward to attending some great conference games after the first of the year.  Go Hogs!  

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