"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, January 15, 2015


I guess I've done a lot in the last week.  Let's see if I can recap.

On Saturday Drew & I went to the Razorback basketball game.  I am so loving basketball this year and having so much fun going to the home games (and yelling at the television for away games, thanks to the SEC Network). 
I pulled a super smooth move when we got there.  There were people in our row, but nobody in the row in front of us.  I made the awesome decision to just step over the seats instead of asking people to stand up to let me through.  In the process, I slammed my thigh into the arm rest of the chair I was stepping over.  I played it cool (I think), but I have a pretty nice purple bruise now. 

On Sunday we went to Tulsa with Jason & Jessica to see Garth Brooks. 
Jason & Jessica were feeling a little under the weather, but we had a fun time and Garth was great.  FYI: the upper level seating at the BOK center is no joke.  It's so steep that one could easily feel some vertigo just by looking down.  I was glad I got my swirly margarita before we climbed to the heights of the arena. 
See that guy behind me in the photo?  He was the only thing between us and the very top back wall.  Yeah, we were up there.  We were behind the stage, but Garth moves around quite a bit, so we still enjoyed the show.  Remember in the 80's when people held up lighters during a ballad?  Welcome to 2015 and the age of cell phone flashlights. 
Garth seems like a real genuine guy who loves performing and I'm glad we went.  Mark that off the bucket list. 

Kyle, Misty, Kayla & Braeden came over the watch the college football championship on Monday night.  Okay, in all honestly it wasn't about football at all, it was just an excuse to get together.  Misty & I played Jenga and might have set some sort of record for the highest tower ever.  (Okay, maybe not, but it was pretty high.)  I'm the one who finally knocked it over, if you must know. 

Drew is out of town for work this week.  The annual sales conference has been in Orlando for the last few years, but this year it was moved to the Tampa area.  It's technically in Clearwater, but the beach is nowhere in sight.  That doesn't really matter, since they don't have time for anything but 12-15 hours of work a day.  Even so, I enjoyed Drew's description of what the "resort" was like. 

Drew: It's not even a hotel... it's a retirement village. 
Me: No it isn't.
Drew: Yes.  It is.  My room isn't a hotel room, it's a condo that's as big as our house. 
Me: That's cool.
Drew:  I guess, except that everything is dated, tropical floral & wicker and there are old people everywhere. 
Me:  Are you telling me that your sales conference is being held on the set of Golden Girls?
Drew:  Yes!  That's exactly what it looks like. 

Awesome.  Again, it doesn't make any difference because I've talked to him for less than 10 total minutes in the last three days.  That's how non-existent the free time is... not even time for a text, no to mention and sort of conversation.  They start early every morning and finish late at night.  I'm glad he will be home tomorrow night because I much prefer him being home.  I like him just a little bit :) 

My mom has Tessa & Payson this week (they move to Kansas this weekend), so we went on an outing on Tuesday.  The kids were itching to get out and about, but it was really too cold to do much outside.  I think I only made Tessa super mad twice.  I might be stern (surprised she didn't start calling me Meanie again), but at least I'm consistent.  I'm not afraid of a two year old, I survived Emma!  We had lunch and then let the kids play in the play area.  (Gasp!)  You may now applaud my willingness to do that during cold & flu season, but just know that I thoroughly sanitized everyone when we left.  The kids had so much fun and I laughed a lot.  Payson wasn't so sure of the other kids and commotion at first.

He warmed up quickly and would come up to me, throw his arms up and say, "Wanna play!".  When he climbed up on something or slid down, he would yell, "Did it!!" and bounce up and down with excitement.

After they played, we did a little shopping.  Tessa was amazed at the displays in JCPenney.  "What's that?  What's that?"  I did my best to convince her that they were just pretend and not real people, but she was determined to stand there and hold hands. 
She was really being very good, but I warned her not to pull on them.  She held the hand of the little one for a while and wound up holding its loose arm!  The look on her face was horror and I just tried not to laugh while putting the arm back on. 

My workout yesterday was mega difficult for some reason.  You know how sometimes you can do something and it's not a very big deal and then other days that same thing can feel like the hardest thing in the world?  Yeah, that was yesterday.  I did it, though.  My newest focus is strengthening my core.  I've recently realized that I've been oblivious of certain things (mainly form & posture) and have been doing an awful lot of work without strengthening my core at all.  That might explain why my hips give me problems from time to time and why I have a bulge in my belly that looks like I'm 3 months preggo (despite the fact that I last gave birth almost 10 years ago!).  Cheryl is helping me do certain exercises while keeping my posture and core in mind.  Honestly, I have no inner voice that tells me to stand up straight or not let my belly just squish out.  My only inner voice is the voice of Cheryl, but hopefully I can change that and learn some new habits.  Sure, the aesthetic benefits would be lovely, but I'm really focused on gaining some strength so I can hold my own body up! 

This afternoon I went to Fayetteville to have lunch with Misty.  We have spent more time together in the last year than we ever have before. I've very much enjoyed having the freedom and ability to do that, but there are almost always kiddos or husbands around.  Today it was just a girls date and that's something I intend to do more often.  After lunch I thought I'd go to Plato's Closet.  It's a resale shop that caters to the high school & college crowds.  Don't ask me why I went, I go every now and then thinking that I'll find something age appropriate and for a great bargain price.  I never do.  Ever.  Today was no different.  I found myself pulling into the mall parking lot and instead I shopped in Dillards.  It's better to get one or two quality things that you love than to spend the same amount on 10 things that you only sort of like, right? 

Okay, that's it for now.  I managed to do a few loads of laundry last night, but I didn't even  come close to folding or putting anything away.  Par for the course. 

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