"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, January 8, 2015

So... I did.

I picked up my guitar earlier this week and have very much been enjoying it again.  It started because Kyle has been learning a bit on Dad's old guitar.  Just hearing him play a few things reminded me of how much I love it and how I haven't made much time for it lately.  So... I did.  Make time for it, that is.  I'm slightly crushing on the newest Ed Sheeran album and felt inspired to give one of the songs a try.  (Note: I can't just play things by ear, but I can read chords and www.ultimate-guitar.com is a treasure trove for that.)  My fingers are sore as I work on building back up the toughness, but I'm enjoying it.   I'm thinking of quitting my day job and starting a band.  Oh wait, I don't have a day job to quit and I can only play 8 or 10 chords on the guitar.  New plan... I'll just keeping playing in the living room, figuring it out as I go and working on getting my groove back. 
The week has gone pretty well.  As expected, the days come and go and I find that I have figured it out along the way.  I've gotten a lot of things marked off the to-do list, exercised a couple of times and even got the house cleaned up this afternoon.  When I was done cleaning I decided that there's nothing quite like fresh flowers to make the house feel fresh and clean.  I'm super duper missing the warm weather, yard work, gardening and picking fresh flowers to bring inside.  So, I took myself to Walmart, hoping to find a decent little bouquet for cheap.  I have quite a knack for unknowingly choosing the most expensive things.   All these bouquets wrapped in plastic and  I picked the most expensive one.  Not florist expensive, but not the $5 bouquet I was looking for.  I put it back, walked around the display twice, picking through and looking at the cheaper options.  Finally, I decided that I could buy myself pretty flowers if I wanted to.  So... I did.  Buy the flowers, that is.  It just seemed like the right thing to do and now my living room feels lovely.  It's extra nice to have the house feeling pretty, considering the freezing temperatures and brutal wind outside this week. 
I do have to say that one thing I have loved about the last month is how much I've seen and talked to my brothers.  So much of the last month has been less than ideal, but Kyle & Casey are pretty great. Despite the things we have in common (genetics are powerful, y'all), we are really all so different.  Somehow we all get along really well, I appreciate them and so I'm going to say so.   Kyle & I either, text, talk or see each other nearly every day.  I saw him yesterday when we met up to run an errand.  We wound up in the very cold parking lot, still talking.  He told me to get in my truck, but he still stood there in the cold wind just to talk with me.  He's so patient with me.  On my way home from Tontitown today, I thought about calling Casey.  I argued with myself over whether he was busy or had time to just chat, then I decided that surely he's smart enough to either not answer the phone or to simply say he can't talk at the moment.  So... I did.  Call Casey, that is.  I lucked out, catching him in his truck.  We talked for 20 minutes as we both drove and it was just plain old nice to chit chat with him for no good reason.  (That's a pretty big deal for me to say, because I pretty much avoid idle chit chat on the phone at all costs.)

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