"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Baby moon?

Since we returned from our 18 hour Mexican vacation, Drew and I have been talking about booking another trip.  Funny conversation:

Me: Do you want to go back to Mexico?  Or do you feel like we have sort of already done that? 
Drew: Um, yeah.  We were barely there, but I feel like we've already done that. 

We laughed at ourselves, because the most memorable thing we did on that abbreviated vacation was take a terrifying taxi ride from the airport in Cancun to the resort in Playa del Carmen.  No matter, we started brainstorming vacation ideas more than a month ago and had our sights set on Hawaii. 
For curious minds (or Nosy Nellie's), we did purchase travel insurance for the Mexico trip.  When we got the call that my Dad has passed, Drew immediately went to the front desk to arrange our check out and find us a flight home.  The resort refunded all nights that we didn't stay there (which was all but one) so that we wouldn't have to go through all the insurance fuss.  What a blessing that was.  The actual insurance has yet to pay us anything.  All we really asked them for was the extra chunk of money we had to pay to fly back home on such short notice, but they sure are dragging their feet and want an absurd amount of information and documentation before giving us a penny.  There is an obvious language barrier as we try to work this out.  Even in email form,  I can only assume that the English that I'm reading isn't really conveying what was originally written in Spanish.  I have VERY limited knowledge of the Spanish language, but I'm taking these emails as proof that not all things translate effectively.  It's still in process.  Even after the massive pile of requested documentation was submitted 7 weeks ago, they just emailed to say they need our marriage certificate, birth certificates and "proof of best day in the indicating travel costs hired not used and not reimbursable by the carrier line and/or service provider."  Whatever that means.  Some punctuation might have been helpful in that sentence.  And, really, what is "proof of best day"? 
We are still dealing with that, but decided to go ahead and book a trip to Hawaii.  Even after weeks of research and decision making, pushing the button to actually book the flights and hotel was a bit nerve wrecking. 
So, yeah.  We are totally going to Hawaii on April 4th.  I will ring in my 35th birthday on Waikiki Beach.  Not bad, eh?  Among other things, Drew is looking forward to touring Pearl Harbor and I'm looking forward to climbing Diamond Head.  We contemplated island hopping or even a Hawaiian cruise, but ultimately decided that we really wanted to explore one place and experience as much of it as possible.  If we love it (and I can't imagine that we won't) then perhaps we will visit a different island next time. 
There's a chance we would have put this trip off a bit, but with the expectation of Ellie arriving in July, we decided to make the trip while we are just a couple.  I heard someone refer to such a trip (pre-baby) as a baby moon.  You know, not a honeymoon, but a baby moon.  Wait, should that be one word?  Babymoon?  Who knows.  It's a made up word, so I'm fairly sure there aren't strict rules on how to spell it.  My point, we are going to Hawaii in April!  (Insert Alex's famous squeal of excitement HERE.) 

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