"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Yesterday I made the blog private, entered tons of email addresses to the reader list and thought I was done.  Then my phone started blowing up with texts from people who couldn't get in.  Apparently I didn't quite complete what I had intended and only invited three people to read.  I've gone back, added addresses again and the invites have been emailed.  If you know someone who should have/would like to be added to the reader list then please let me know.  There's no way I've covered everyone and my intention was not to leave anyone out.  I've said it before, but let me say it another way... this was not a "weeding out" of readers, it was simply to make sure that I know who is reading. 

In other news...

Grandpa's shingles seem to be healing.  While I'm not totally sure of his pain level, I do know that I'm not noticing him wincing in pain or rubbing his leg like he was a week ago.  He hasn't felt like getting out of the house in a while (pain), but yesterday when I got to his house he had already gone outside alone and given the dogs a treat.  I take that as a  very good sign that he was feeling well enough to venture into the back yard just for fun.  The shingles rash is healing and hopefully this thing is about over.  I do know that some people have lingering neuropathy (pain) after having shingles, so I am prayerful that this will not be the case for Grandpa. 
He is still in his home and doing well.  The landlady is being wonderful and we will soon be signing a new contract of renting on a month to month basis.  This is wonderful news and will allow him to stay in that house for as long as he desires/is able without a commitment larger than we are able to make.  I am so grateful that he is able to stay in the house and maintain as much of his independence and normal routine as possible.  When the day comes that he is not able to stay there safely, he is still welcome with me & Drew.  A baby will not change that at all.  (Well, of course a baby changes things, but not the fact that Grandpa is welcome with us.)   I've said this out loud to him, just so he knows.  I will still be around on a regular basis, I will just have a baby with me.  Kyle and I do a great job of balancing the schedule and making sure one of us stops by to check on/visit with Grandpa every day.  Kyle may have to pick up a bit of my slack when Ellie first arrives, but having another child does not change the fact that I will care for my Grandpa as needed.  I helped Grandpa care for Grandma at home for years before she died and I did that with Alex & Emma in tow. 
Several of you have asked about our desire to buy a new home... especially now that we are expecting baby Ellie in July.  Drew & I are still ready to buy a house, but have been giving it some time in the hopes that our credit score will continue to improve and we can go into a new mortgage on the best of terms.  (FYI, your momma likely told you this and she wasn't lying... it takes about 30 seconds to screw up your credit and years to repair it.)  We had thought our timeline would be early summer, but now there's a baby on the way.  We will soon be going through the home study process (requirement for any adoption in the US) and feel like it's best to stay here through that process and until Ellie arrives.  After she's here, we will reevaluate.  I know as well as anyone that plans only mean so much, but we are hopeful that we will be settled with baby, good with the home study process & the court and prepared to make the move later in the year.  (Please don't tell me that we can't do that with a new baby.  We bought this house when Alex was 2 1/2 and Emma was 4 months old.  It can be done.)  On a side note, whatever home is next for us, it will have a room for Grandpa, should he ever need/want it. 
Since the hunt for a new home is simmering on the back burner for a while, I've been cleaning out the room that was my office/craft room... that was previously Alex & Emma's room.  Let's be honest... as cautious as we feel (no adoption is a done deal until it's a done deal), it's absolutely impossible for me to not be thinking about a nursery, baby gear and SHOPPING.  Drew made a deal with me... that I wouldn't shop until I had this room cleaned out.  At least that way there will be a place to put anything that I buy.  For future reference: if you need me to ever get something done in record time, bribe me with the prospect of shopping for a baby.  Yep, that'll do it.  My excess crafting stuff, books, etc. are all packed in tubs and stored in the garage.  The stuff I didn't actually need has been donated to the Salvation Army and the things I actually need access to have a tidy home on the shelves in the closet.  The room is void of my junk, awaiting furniture to be rearranged and just begging for me to decorate. 
Next Tuesday is the first OB appointment that we will attend with Birth Mom.  It's a routine check up and we anxiously anticipate hearing Ellie's heart beat for the first time!  If you knew our
Alex, you know she had this funny little squeal (complete with flailing arms) when she got really excited.  Drew & I randomly take turns making that squeal noise as we think about baby Ellie and all that is ahead. 

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