"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I haven't updated on how my Grandpa is doing lately.  Until about a week ago, he was doing pretty great.  Then he started having some pain in his leg.  Through the week the pain got more intense, shooting up and down his right side.  On Sunday he mentioned some spots on his foot.  I stripped his socks and shoes, found a blistery rash and Drew & I came to the conclusion that this could be shingles.  I  called the doctor yesterday and took him in this morning.  Yep.  Shingles.
We've all seen the commercials about how awful it can be.  They aren't lying.  Today I learned a few new things about it.  If you had the chicken pox then the virus lives inside you.  I knew that, but I didn't know that it is dormant in your spine.  If you have a weakened immune system then it can "wake up" and spread through a nerve.  The rash is usually seen on only one side of the body and can be on the torso or the face, but it is totally possible to have it on your leg or foot... it just depends on the nerve root to blame.  The doctor prescribed the antiviral medication, but we aren't sure if we caught it quick enough for that to be helpful.  Only one way to tell.  Here's one thing to remember... and I'm glad I thought to ask.  Most people only get the chicken pox once.  One and done.  Shingles is different.  He could get it again.  This spell will take a few weeks to get better and then we will probably get the vaccination in hopes that he never has to deal with it again.  I believe that the vaccine is intended for ages 60+.  Seeing how Grandpa is feeling now, I would encourage it.  You don't want shingles. 
Other than shingles, Grandpa is doing well.  He's still in the house and Kyle & I check on him often.  The only long term plan is for Grandpa to get to stay in his home and independent for as long as he is able and desires to. 
Me?  I'm quite anxious for tomorrow's meeting with the birth mother.  Anxious may be misleading... it's not a bad stress, it's just anticipation.  Drew & I are so very excited.  I've been a little obsessive about looking at baby names.  I can't seem to help myself.  We didn't have any "favorite" names in the reserves, so we are starting from scratch.  The process is sort of hilarious.  One of us says a name, the other knocks it down with reasons like...
-that reminds me of...
-no, I knew a girl...
It's the same sort of thing we did when we were naming Alex & Emma.  Par for the course and a very "parent" thing to do, I suppose.  I tend to like either old fashioned names (old lady names) or boyish names.  I mean, we names Emma after my grandma (traditional) and Drew chose Alex's name (boyish).  I'm trying to shy away from 1) strangely spelled names  2) cute little girl names that will be silly when they are adults 3) super popular/trendy names.  All of this without naming her something bizarre and made up.  Here's what I'm guessing... there will be at LEAST one person who will think our final choice is strange... and they will have to get over it!  For now, we are really enjoying calling her "baby girl" instead of a more detached "it" or "the baby". 

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