"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

So Much!

It's March 10th.  How did we get here already?!  I'm not complaining, only taking note of how the last couple of months have flown by.  With any luck, winter has moved out and Spring is moving in.  My toes are craving a pedicure and a cute pair of sandals and I would love to retire my coat until next fall. 
As I sat down to write this post, I somehow wound up rereading a few old posts.  Typos really annoy me.  I feel irritated when other people make them, but I'm not sure there's a word for how I feel when I find my own mistakes.  A shade stronger than irritated... whatever the word for that is.  I know that I'm smart enough to not make them, but I also know that sometimes my typing fingers are just trying to keep up with my emotions and typos happen.  Hopefully you are as forgiving.   
What's been happening with us lately? 
Drew surprised me by pulling out the baby cradle.  There's absolutely no need for it right now, except that it's exciting!  This cradle has been in my family since 1983 when my brother Kyle was born.  Each cousin has slept in it, as well as my two girls and Kyle's two kids.  (I'm afraid Casey's kids missed out on it.  Perhaps we will have to carefully lay them in it next time they are here, just so we can write their names on the bottom with everyone else's!) 
On Saturday we went to the last home Hogs basketball game (don't ask me, I don't want to talk about how it turned out) and then met up with Jessica to get the crib.  Drew & John made it when I was pregnant with Alex and then Emma slept in it as well.  Then we passed it on to Jessica when JR was born.  I never imagined that I'd get to use it again, but I'm so very happy to have it and for Ellie to get to sleep in the same crib as her older sisters. 

In addition to the bed (which I new we were getting), Jessica loaded us up with other baby equipment!  I now have a bouncer/rocker thing, a baby swing, a bath tub and a play thing.  I just realized how terribly out of practice I am at this baby thing.  I have no idea what any of those things are actually called!  Whatever, I have a few things on loan from Jessica so that we have then to use in the first weeks with Ellie.  We have decided to wait until Eleanor arrives and is officially ours (the 10 day consent for adoption has passed) before the ladies at church throw us a shower.  I'm sure that between our family, friends and church family, Eleanor will have more stuff than she knows what to do with and I can pass these borrowed things back to Jessica.  (No pressure, but I'm totally hoping that Jessica & Jason will need to use them again soon and that Ellie will have a cousin close to her age! Pat & Alex, the same goes for you!) 
Since nothing that I'm posting really shows you what my intentions are for decorating the nursery, I'll share the plans.  Razorbacks.  Surprised?  Go Hogs!  Yes, she's a girl.  Yes, the nursery will actually be Razorback inspired...  Not that I'm projecting my own interests and dreams onto my child (except that I totally am).  Two Christmases ago, Drew's Aunt Becky bought us this sign.  I've always loved it and it was my original inspiration for the baby's room. 
I found this pillow in a boutique the other day and bought it as further inspiration.
Since I didn't just pick a bedding set and decorate the nursery around it, I'm having a harder time finding bedding that I like.  I actually found some online that I really love.  It's neutral, simple and classic and I can decorate around it.  It is also insanely expensive.  Absurdly so. 
Ah, first world problems.  Two things could fix this non-problem... I may decide to buy it anyway or I may decide to start sewing.  We shall see. 
Tomorrow morning we will be going with Birth Mom to her ultrasound appointment.  We are crazy excited to see Eleanor!  You can be sure I'll have a post all about that! 
Since this entire blog has been baby related... how about I leave you with a totally different picture?  My truck is looking pretty hot in the tires that I picked out all by myself :)  For the record... I have absolute and full intention of keeping my truck.  Who says a mom can't drive a 4x4?! 

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Becky Hogan said...

I'm THRILLED that Ellie will get to enjoy my Razorback hanging - yes I liked them so much I bought myself one too. Can't wait for hugs and kisses from you three!!!!
Love, Aunt Becky