"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

35, 26, 1, 9, 14, 98

It's my birth week.  Technically, Tuesday was my birthday, but I'm considering it my birth week... because I'm 35 now and I'm pretty sure nobody is going to argue with me.  Go ahead, I dare you.  
Drew took me shopping for sunglasses on Saturday.  Big girl sunglasses... as in, not $5 Walmart sunglasses.  To prove I'm still young and fun... I took a selfie in the truck.  You know, the cool kind where you don't actually look at the camera?  Yeah, I'm a dork.  
Then I made Drew take a picture with me.  He's seriously handsome.  

We had dinner at Dottie's on Saturday evening and I was extra surprised to find out that it wasn't just an Easter dinner, but also a birthday celebration for me.  I felt quite special and we had a fun evening.  
We all helped JR with his Easter egg scavenger hunt.  
The scavenger hunt ended with the discovery of this beautiful cake (but I think he was secretly disappointed that there weren't more eggs).  
Jessica made me these awesome tye dyed cupcakes.
I got to open presents, we played games and had a yummy dinner.  Lovely day.  
My birthday celebration continued on Monday night when Mom took us out to dinner after Braeden's baseball game.  Good company, nice dinner and the best hugs from Kayla & Braeden.  Casey sent me birthday videos from Tessa & Payson.  They are cute enough on their own, but they are extra cute when Tessa freely sings, "Happy Birthday Crazy Aunt Mandy!" and Payson repeats after Casey and calls me an "old lady".   My actual birthday, yesterday, was a beautiful day.  I got to stay home and get a few things done, visited Grandpa, Drew took me out to eat and then we went to Braeden's second baseball game of the week.  Wrap up the day with a foot rub and it was a pretty great way to welcome 35.  
Moving on... today Birth Mom is 26 weeks pregnant.  Drew & I met her at the ultrasound appointment this morning and the appointment went great!  Ellie has been busy growing!!  The concern was that at the 18 week ultrasound she was measuring 7 days smaller than expected and at the 22 week ultrasound she was measuring 13 days smaller than expected.  It's not that she was small, it was that she wasn't growing fast enough (or at least consistently).  We have prayed so much over the last 4 weeks and many of you have joined us in that prayer.  The great news is that today, at 26 weeks, Ellie is measuring only 10 days small.  In exactly 4 weeks she has done 4 weeks & 3 days worth of growing.  That's the best possible news.  The estimate is that she now weighs 1 pound and 9 ounces!  The doctor was much more helpful in explaining things today and left us with a great feeling that everything looks healthy.  Good blood flow, good growth... just good in general.  At the very end of the ultrasound we were looking at her head & face when her little hand shot right up.  It was as if she were waving to us.  We could even count her little fingers... 4 fingers and a thumb :)  Then she reached down and grabbed her foot.  It was the sweetest thing.  Then, as if our daughter wasn't already melting my heart, she clasped her hands and the doctor said, "She's praying."  It really did look that way.  The doctor's conclusion was that she was praying for the ultrasound to be over and to be left alone!  No matter, she was precious and I am dreaming of the day when we get to meet this little girl.  We will continue with follow up visits to monitor growth.  Of  course, that won't last long because she is due 14 weeks from today.  In case you are counting... that's 98 days.  
She wouldn't cooperate to let us get a profile shot, but she did peek her face out for a quick picture.  Can you make it out?  
Okay, that's it for today.  Did you catch all my number references from the title?  I'm 35 years old, Birth Mom is 26 weeks pregnant, Ellie weighs 1 pound and 9 ounces, there are 14 weeks to go and that equals 98 days!  I don't play the lottery, but if I did I would say these are winning numbers!  

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BethAnn said...

LOVE your "cool" selfie!!!! The highlights are so pretty and your attitude is don't mess with me, I'm a cool, 35 gorgeous lady.

Great news about Ellie. God delights in answering prayer and what a plan He must have for the three of you.