"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Sunday morning update: 
Our flight left Tulsa at 6am on Saturday. That means we left home about 2:45am in order to get there in time. We were as anxious as little kids on Christmas Eve. That means we didn't sleep at all. 
Drew and I arrived in Honolulu after the absolute longest flight I have ever taken... Atlanta to Honolulu. Honestly, about 5 hours in I was beginning to think that no place on Earth could possibly be worth 10 straight hours on a plane, sitting cheek to cheek with 300 strangers. I was wrong. 
This place is fabulous. I can't even explain. 
Night one. Exhausted from the trip (and having had little more than a cat nap on the plane in the last 36 hours, we checked into our hotel, changed clothes and had dinner at Dukes. SO good. Oh, and my first Mai Tai. 
I didn't have my ID on me, having left my purse in the hotel room. The staff was beyond friendly and professional, but not having ID was quite a big deal. I guess I finally passed the test when they asked my birthday and I told them that it was last week and that I'm 35. When the day comes that I don't get carded, I might be upset about how old I look to others! 
The view from our balcony. 
We had been advised by friends to stay up as late as possible the first night so that we could adjust to the 5 hour time difference and to hike Diamond Head our first morning, since we would be up early anyway. Well, we made it to 7pm before we both passed out, then the roads around our hotel were closed all morning because of a marathon, so we declared it a beach day. 
We had generous amounts of pineapple with our breakfast. I have serious intention of eating massive amounts of pineapple at every opportunity. 
The beach. Waikiki is not a particularly large beach, but it is beautiful. It is quite crowded, but not rowdy at all. We spent about 7 hours on the beach yesterday and I feel certain that I could easily do that every day for the rest of my life! 

We walked around a bit yesterday evening, had some fabulous garlic shrimp from a street vendor and watched the sun set on the beach. 
We are having an amazing time! Today (Monday) we are going to Pearl Harbor and I'm even going to give my best at touring the USS Missouri (below decks and everything). Here's hoping I don't flip my lid and panic with claustrophobia. 

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