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-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, April 18, 2015

And then it was Friday...

On Thursday Drew & I spent half a day on the beach and the second half at the Polynesian Cultural Center. It's up on the North Shore and they have a village with demonstrations and activities involving the main islands of Polynesia. We were really going to the luau, but we walked around the village for a bit before then. 
And then the luau. The leis were beautiful and we finally got to make the joke about getting "leid" in Hawaii (we are so mature). There were two college girls at our table who took our picture and saved us from paying $18 for the one at the door). 
We felt like we really needed to go to a luau, as if it were a must do while in Hawaii. I did my research and chose this one as the most recommended on Trip Advisor. I'm glad we went, but we definitely won't be anxious to ever go again. He food was okay, there were tons of people and the show was so cheesy.  Ever seen Little Miss Sunshine? Remember the Emcee of the pageant at the end? That could have been the host of the luau. We laughed so much, hopefully people just thought we were having an amazing time! 

The shops in the PCC were fun to walk through. The home store was wonderfully classy beachy. They even had hand quilted quilts. Amazing, but expensive (and rightfully so), so I took a few photos to drool over and possibly make my own. LOVE it so much. 
We also had tickets for the Ha Breath of Life evening show at PCC. After the luau we were skeptical, but it was really great. Hula dancers, fire, music... Really great production. Photos weren't allowed, so you will have to take my word for it. 
Friday. Today. Last day. Boohoo. 
The last big thing in my bucket list here was to climb Diamond Head. I had visions of this great hike, taking our time and enjoying the process and amazing views. We got up early so we could be there at 6 when they opened, only to find that multiple bus loads of Japanese tourists were in line ahead of us. The climb was much less enjoyable because I sort of felt like we were cattle being herded up the crater wall. 
And did I mention the stairs? Oh, the stairs. I knew there were stairs, but I did not realize there was a tunnel. A 225ft narrow tunnel... With people in front of and behind me. Not cool, and I think I was verbal enough that everyone knew how not cool that was. But, by this time we were so far up there that I made myself finish. Or... What I thought was finishing. Next up, more crazy stairs... 
Think that gets you to the top? Wrong. There was a concrete fire control tower with a spiral stair case. Nope. I had to back out of line and give myself a pep talk to do that. It was a serious, "dear claustrophobia, we HAVE to do this" kind of talk. No pictures of that, I was trying not to flip my lid. Even better, at the top of the spiral stairs, you have to climb through a very low opening to reach open air. Do you get my point by now? This was not an enjoyable hike with the expected flights of stairs. I smiled for a picture at the top anyway. 
It was quite beautiful. 
 If they had out this warning at the bottom of the crater then we could have avoided much anxiety. 
No matter, we did it.  To be clear, it wasn't a lengthy commitment. 60 minutes from start to finish, but we didn't stick around the summit for long. Too many people to enjoy it. Once we were back to the bottom I remembered our missing feet picture. So... 
Back to the hotel, pack up, check out and to the beach. The hotel stowed our bags all day and even allowed us 30 minutes in a courtesy room to clean up before heading to the airport. 
Now here we sit, on the plane while the other passengers board. This is how we feel about leaving this beautiful place... 

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