"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, April 24, 2015


It's been pretty busy since we got home from our Hawaiian vacation. 
On Monday we were prequalified for a new mortgage and now I'm wading through paperwork that must be done to get the official preapproval. We haven't found the perfect house for us yet, but I'm sure it's out there (or will be soon). We had been thinking that we would put our current home on the market. We would be completely willing to sell, should someone be interested, but we are now giving serious consideration to renting this house out. Lots to think about, prepare for and be excited about! 

Sasha and the kids came to visit this week, so we've had a full house. It was so good to see them. It was the first visit since they moved to Kansas 3 1/2 months ago. The kids are growing so much! 
Sasha got new glasses yesterday. 
Tessa was sure she needed some, too. Aunt Mandy saved the day with these fakes and a sparkly purse. 
Payson picked sunglasses, but would tilt his head back so he could see under them to look at me :-) 
He made us all jealous when he gave Drew the biggest and longest hug before they left last night. 

We have a regular OB appointment with birth mom next Tuesday and another ultrasound on Wednesday. I spoke with birth mom's step mother last weekend and all seems to be going well. We are less than 12 weeks away from Ellie's due date and I continue to pray for her health & growth and that in just a few short months she will be ours. 

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