"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pearl Harbor

Monday was a very full day at Pearl Harbor. The USS Arizona Memorial and museums were amazing and I very much recommend that anyone visiting Oahu visit there. 
The Bowfin submarine is also docked here. We explored, but did not go on board. 
Then it was on to the USS Missouri. I'm not going to lie... That was very difficult for me. We didn't just do the basic tour around the deck, we did the Heart of the Missouri tour. That means a tour guide took us down into the bowels of the ship and showed us all sorts of stuff. Drew was in heaven. Tight spaces and stuffy air is a challenge for me, but God did me a favor and made us the only two in this particular tour. The guide said that she always has 10 people per tour, so I'm not sure how we got so lucky. Drew was able to ask lots of questions and I had more air to breathe. I think I handled it all pretty well, but you would have to ask Drew for an unbiased opinion. All of that said, it was pretty amazing and I'm glad we did it. 
The surrender deck. The exact spot where WWII ended in Tokyo Bay. 
They call this Broadway because it is the longest and widest passage on the ship. 
How's this for a computer room? 
I have even more photos of our time on Mighty Mo, but I will stop here and leave you with a few photos from our last stop yesterday... 
Drew even did the flight simulator. 
The famous red & white tower. You may remember it from several movies, including Pearl Harbor. 
And then we headed back to the hotel for the evening. Seriously, y'all, Hawaii has the most beautiful rainbows. This double rainbow was beautiful enough for me to take a picture while Drew was driving us down the highway. 
Today is helicopter day. Door off helicopter. Magnum P.I. helicopter.  (Seriously.)  I sort of need everyone to be impressed at how far I'm stepping out of my comfort zone again today. 

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