"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Sadly, it is Wednesday evening. That's sad because that means we only have two more days on Oahu. The good news is that we still have two days on Oahu! 
Yesterday morning we took the open door helicopter tour. It was amazing. When the doors are open, you can only take what is strapped to your body. So, we took the small camera and I will have to wait until we get home to go through the photos and share them with you. You should look forward to that because it was AWESOME and I am super cool for having done it. 
After that we decided to take a road trip around the island. First stop... The Dole Plantation. The good: it's free. The bad: it's not really free. There is a lot going on and they have sneaky little ways to get you to spend money. Short version of the story is that I now have a fresh pearl on a charm to wear on my necklace. 
No matter, it was pretty cool to see the pineapple plantation. 
It was all worth it for this. Dole whip. 
Really. It is the kind of delicious that requires verbal yummy noises. 
We made that trip a short one, since my pineapple fix had been met for the day and Drew convinced me that it would not be appropriate to spend our entire savings on the freshest of pineapples! 
We continued north on the island and stopped at Turtle Beach (it has a very cool Hawaiian name, but I'm not cool enough to remember how to spell it). 
It was amazing to see the sea turtles in their natural environment. Awesome. I was trying to be respectful of their space (unlike some other people who were there), so my photo isn't the greatest. Still awesome. 
The North Shore is much different than Honolulu. I thought it was awesome, but I think I'm a bit more apt to embrace the hippy island lifestyle than my dear husband. I randomly yelled for him to pull over when I saw a food truck or something cool. He lovingly obliged. 
Shark Cove
The BEST shrimp I've had since we've been here.  Scratch that. It was the best shrimp I've had... EVER.  I would seriously eat this every single day of forever. 
I may or may not have yelled for Drew to pull over less than 30 minutes later for this shrimp truck that I had read about on a blog before our trip. Giovanni's. 
The shrimp was only okay. A little too garlicky for us. 
The company was entertaining, though. 
We continued on around the island and I just loved every minute of it. When we got back to the hotel that evening we took a walk down Waikiki Beach and stumbled upon a Hula Show in a park under this giant beautiful tree. 
And watched the sun set...
Today? Well today was complicated and busy. At 8am we were doing this...
At noon we were doing this...
And at 4:30pm we were doing this...
Like I said, it was a rough day full of splashing in the Pacific, people watching on the beach and getting a little too much sun. So very wonderful. 

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Becky Hogan said...

This brings back happy memories bc I spent my honeymoon on Oahu and big island Hawaii. Toured Dole plantation and had my fill of that fresh pineapple...Enjoy and take out a loan to eat more!!!
Love yall, Aunt Becky