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-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, May 8, 2015


qasaI'm so anxious to meet with the realtor this afternoon!  Since my heart is beating with anticipation, I've decided to grace you all with a very special list... a list of dos & don'ts for selling your house.  I'm no expert on pricing, but suggesting that you should price it appropriately is a given.  My list is more fun.  
-DO make sure your listing is viewable via online resources.  (The house we are hoping to make ours was listed on Zillow several months ago, but then it disappeared.  We assumed it sold, but then I found it again by accident on Realtor.com a few weeks ago.   While this particular incident works in our favor, it probably has contributed to the house being on the market a while.)  Makiing the listing easy to find is important and, for goodness sake, put lots of pictures.  Good pictures.  If you only share 3 photos of the outside of the house, then I'm just assuming there is a reason that you aren't willing to share photos of the inside.  
-DON'T have a bathroom with carpet.  Ever.  You cannot make the arguement that it would be easy for the buyer to replace.  By that reasoning, you should have already done it yourself.  Carpet in the bathroom is nasty and really hard for a buyer to see past.  
-DO put your undies away.  We've been through quite a few houses in the last 4 months.  Open houses are great and allow potential buyers to visit without so much pressure.  That being said, put the bras away.  I understand that you normally hang them on a hook in the closet, but I'm looking to spend a large amount of money on a house and I AM going to look to see how big the closets are.  If the first thing I see is your old bra hanging in my face... well... that's what I'm going to remember.  
-DON'T go crazy with the Scentsy, candles and air freshner.  It's overwhelming, gives me a headache, and makes me wonder what you are trying to cover up.  Same goes for bleach.  The house should smell clean, but not like you used enough bleach to clean up a crime scene.  
-DO pack all of your pretties away.  It's distracting.  Chances are that your style is not exactly my style.  Your hundreds of angel figurines and lace curtains are lovely, but I'm having trouble seeing anything else.  
-DON'T leave an LSU flag in the front yard.  You are in Northwest Arkansas.  You are trying to sell a home in Hog country.  We root for the Hogs.  Only the Hogs.  An LSU flag is completely unacceptable and I WILL forever more refer to your house as the LSU house.  Just do us all a favor and take the flag down.  

How's that for a helpful list?  You're welcome.  

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