"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Oh, ya know...

What's going on my way?  Oh, ya know... just EVERYTHING.  I've been a bit flustered as so much is going on and we have so much to prepare for and look forward to in the coming weeks.  If I act a little hair brained or not quite like myself for a while, please allow me the grace of a bit of understanding.  Lots of changed happening in this Harris House.  
The new house... all is going well so far.  We had the inspection on Friday and everything was great.  Nothing at all to be concerned about.  Now that that is done, the appraisal will be ordered.  Closing is still scheduled for June 12th.  We would very much appreciate prayers that everything proceeds smoothly, the closing stays as scheduled and that three weeks from now we will be sleeping in our new home.  
Eleanor... I willl attend the regular OB appointment with Birth Mom on Tuesday.  I'm hoping that the doctor will shed some light on what the intentions are for delivering baby.  The specialist said "by 38 weeks", and I am currently clinging to the 38 week date.  That would be July 1st.  However, he did sayd, "BY 38 weeks" and we must acknowledge that baby could be delivered any time between now and July 1st.  Babies with intrauterine growth restriction are at higher risk for developing complications and so my understanding is that delivering Eleanor at the right time is a balance of leaving her in long enough without leaving her in too long.  Does that make sense?  Hopefully I will have a bit better understanding after Tuesday.  Drew & I are meeting with our attorney on Wednesday to go over how this adoption thing will all go down... what we need to do, what we should expect, etc.  I did order the carseat after Wednesday's ultrasound.  We were trying to hold off until we moved, but knowing she will arrive very soon made me realize I best get at least that.  I know that we could always run to the store and buy one, but I had already picked out the one I wanted.  It arrived yesterday and is ready for Eleanor.  I've been doing a lot of reading on bonding & attachment with adopted newborns.  Drew & I are really trying to be as prepared as possible to meet her specific needs and understanding that is a big part of the picture.  I willl have much to share with you about that, but I'll save it for another post.  
The current house... is in shambles.  Packing is work, espcially when you are still living in the space you are packing.  It looks pitiful, but we are making steady progress.  The baby bed & baby cradle that Drew excitedly put together when we found out about Eleanor have now been dismantled.  When moving day arrives, Drew & I will load our own trucks with the things we want to move ourselves and the movers will do the rest.  We will have them put the furniture in the appropriate rooms at the new house and unload all the boxes into the garage.  This accomplishes a few things.  One, they can unload boxes much quicker if they aren't carrying them all over the houes, and since movers charge by the hour, the bill will be cheaper for us.  Two, It keeps us from having random boxes all over our house and living in chaos for weeks as we try to unpack.  Three, we carry in one box at a time and put things where they belong, keeping the house orderly, safe & appropriate for the home study to be done & more functional for when baby to arrives.  
Now that I've updated on Eleanor and the house situation... 
We did do some fun things in the last couple of days.  Mom came over and together we made the wedding cake for my dear friend Cheryl's son's wedding.  Whew, that's work!  Now I understand why cakes are so expensive!  We had a fun time together...
I learned a lot and I'm so proud of how the cake turned out.  
While I was doing wedding things on Saturday, Drew went to help Kyle build a tree house (yes, in the rain).  They worked hard and it's looking great.  
And just because Kayla is beautiful...
I was so worn out by the time I got there to see the progress, but, as always, I relaxed and really enjoyed the evening with family.  Casey even called while we were there, so I got a bit of time with both of my brothers.  We wound up playing baseball in the front yard after dinner.  (I'm awesome, by the way.  Lol)  Note to self: Misty's front porch and a cold drink are quite therapeutic.  
A picture for no other reason than showing what a great daddy Kyle is.  
Casey & Sasha are doing well in Kansas.  They are staying busy and keeping up with those two growing kiddos.  Can you believe that Tessa will be three years old on Wednesday?!  I hate being so far away from them, but I do get a kick out of the phone conversations with Tessa & Payson.  Wow, those kids have so much to say and I just do my best to catch every 10th word!  I was really hoping to get out to see them before Eleanor arrived, but everything is happening so fast and I've run out of time to make such a trip (I'm pretty bummed about that).  Hopefully they will get to come home to Arkansas to meet Eleanor when she arrives.  (That's right, I'm luring them back with a cute baby.  I feel no shame!)  
Tonight we had dinner at Drew's dad's to celebrate Drew & Pat's upcoming birthdays.  Yummy food & good company.  
Somehow, even I left with a bag of goodies from John & Alison... baby clothes for Eleanor!  We are anticipating the need for newborn clothes for a while, so I was extra happy to have a few new things to add to our supply. 
Drew & I are hoping to make it to town tomorrow to create a baby registry.  We are so appreciative to those who have asked about a baby shower (we are waiting until she gets here so everyone can meet her!) and have been reminded that we need to register.  Since we haven't had a baby in 10 years, I guess that's not a bad plan.  We are fortunate to have quite a few things on loan for those first few days, but I'm quicking remembering how much stuff babies require!  It will be fun to go pick those things out together tomorrow.   

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BethAnn said...

Daughter is moving and found Pinterest idea: put a spot of colored tape on the box to designate which room the box goes to. If not for the movers - for you. Movers could put all of same color together in the garage to simplify your job.

Am so happy for the things going on in your life. Your Christ-like example continues to inspire me.