"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, May 16, 2015


We've started packing.  On one hand it seems like we have time to spare, but hopefully we will be closing & moving in less than one month.  That's soon!  Let me say this much... we will NOT ask you to help us move.  Drew has already gotten a quote from a moving company and we have full intention of letting them to the heavy lifting.  The next thing on the new house to-do list is inspection.  That is scheduled for next Friday.  We are prayerful that all the steps in this home buying process go smoothly.
Last year I found much therapy in yard work and gardening.  This year I've been a bit more distracted, but I'm still taking care of things.  I've enjoyed watching the flower beds that I planted a year ago bloom anew this year.  This is my current favorite.  The yellow just feels happy.  
The timing of our anticipated move isn't condusive to a vegetable garden this year and that's a bummer.  I just don't want to start something that I won't be here to enjoy all summer.  As aa compromise, I'm just doing one tomato plant.  I chose a roma grape hybrid, in hopes that I can use the harvest for both salads & cooking.  Hopefuly this big pot is large enough to get things started and accomodate growth until we move.  
I've taken Mac with me to Grandpa's a couple of times in the last couple of weeks.  Mac is mild mannered and well behaved, so taking him along and having him in Grandpa's house isn't stressful at all.  Grandpa loves having him there.  When I walk in the door without him now, the first thing Grandpa says is, "Where's Mac?"  
When I was packing yesterday, I found a Flip video camera that was Alex's.  I knew it was there, but hadn't had the strength to see what was on it.  Yesterday I did.  Sort of.  The videos are from 2010 and it was awesome to see the girls again.  However, you have to remember that it was a little camera that my mom got her because she could hold and operate it herself.  That means there is a lot of movement.  10 minutes into the happy memories, I was so motion sick that I had to go lay down to keep from throwing up!  It was awesome to catch glimpses of the girls that I hadn't ever seen before and to hear them laughing and singing.  I've made sure all the videos are on the external hard drive for safe keeping and I will work my way through watching them all in time.  Among the countless things that Alex & Emma taught me, taking photos is on the list.  Still shots and videos.  Photos of special events and photos of normal routine things in life.  You can't get those moments back and I'm so very grateful to have the photos & videos that we do of Alex & Emma's lives.  

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