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-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Um, what?

Last night I attended the last birth class with Birth Mom.  As much trepidation as I had about attending those three classes with her, I can honestly say that I'm so glad I did.  I got to know her even better and got to feel baby Eleanor move multiple times.  As an adoptive mom, I can't even explain how special that is.  
Today Drew & I went with Birth Mom for another ultrasound.  We've been going every three weeks to keep an eye on Ellie's growth.  Today's ultrasound showed that everything is looking good (they pay extra special attention to baby's brain, heart, abdomen, bladder, kidneys and the blood flow), but she is still small.  We were happy to see that she is growing on her own little curve, as she has been for the last couple of months.  The doctor estimates that as of today, at 32 weeks gestation, she weighs 3 pounds 4 ounces.  It is amazing to see how she is changing and growing.  Her little cheeks are plumping up and her profile is just lovely.  During these appointments, the tech does the ultrasound and takes lots of images & measurements.  Then  we wait for a while until the doctor comes in to review everything and take a few more looks.  That  waiting time was precious today because Drew got to feel Eleanor move!  A lot!  She was quite obviously showing off for her daddy and I loved every minute of it.  I think it's okay to share this photo, since it doen't give away any details about Birth Mom.  She has towels covering her belly and Drew and I each had a hand on Ellie, feeling her move.  It was a very candid moment and Birth Mom's step mom was thoughtful enough to capture it.    
Here's the real kicker.  Doctor comes in, looks things over, checks a few more things and then says, "Everything looks good.  Baby weighs about 3 pounds 4 ounces right now and should gain about half a pound a week from now on, but she should deliver by 38 weeks, so we are looking at about a 6 pound baby."  
I believe the actual words I said were, "Um, what?"  
My heart did a flip flop as he explained that it would probably be best for baby to be delivered at 38 weeks.  She should be mature enough to be safely delivered at that point and can thrive & grow better outside the womb.  
So, have you done the math yet?  As of today we are exactly at 32 weeks gestation.  The maternal fetal specialist is recommending that she be delivered by 38 weeks.  Yep, that's 6 weeks.  6 weeks!  That's why my heart flip flopped!  I had 8 weeks in my head (the time until the due date).  Even though I knew that anything could happen, for some reason I was thinking mid to late July.  6 weeks from today puts us on July 1st.  That isn't scheduled yet, it is just recommended by the specialist.  I'm guessing we will have more info after next week's OB appointment.   But really... 6 weeks until Eleanor!  

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