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-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, June 11, 2015

20 days

Yesterday morning's ultrasound with Birth Mom went great.  Eleanor has gained nearly 1.5 pounds in the last three weeks, which was the hope.  She is estimated to now weigh 4lb 9oz.  Blood flow is good and the specialist said that he has seen nothing that would indicate any special needs or concerns at birth.  Eleanor is smaller than most babies.  By that, I mean that she is currently in the 6th percentile on the growth chart.  She has been on the low end of the charts for months, and since she hasn't grown at the rate that most babies do, she has crept a bit lower on the charts. 
Many times that is due to a problem in the pregnancy.  That is why all of the ultrasounds and extra doctor appointments have been so important during this pregnancy.  Praise be to God that all of these tests have uncovered no health issues for Eleanor.  Still, because of her slightly slower rate of growth, the doctors feel that it is best to deliver her at 38 weeks gestation.  Unless there is need to do so sooner, it is recommended that Birth Mom be induced around July 1st.  I will take her for the regular OB appointment next Tuesday and I would imagine that the induction will be scheduled at that point.  If we go with exactly 38 weeks, that would be July 1st.  That's 20 days away! 
The specialist anticipates that she will weigh about 5.5 pounds at birth.  Alex weighed 7lb 5oz and Emma weighed 7lb 13oz, so it's hard to imagine how tiny Eleanor will be.  Drew and I have bought a few things over the last few months, but I had yet to really let loose and just shop for my baby.  Yesterday was different.  I went to the Carter's store and left with this...
It was plain old fun.  I bought about 7 newborn sized items and the rest are 0-3 months.  I think that will be a good start. 
We are excitedly anticipating all of the blessings that the next three weeks hold! 

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