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-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Yesterday we had several baby related appointments.  Drew & I met with our attorney and got a better feeling for how everything will go when Eleanor arrives.  Then we went to an appointment for the fetal echo cardiogram.  It's really pretty amazing what they can do these days and I'm grateful for the UAMS Angel program that allows patients to see specialists that aren't even based in Northwest Arkansas.  A tech did the echo (which looks like an ultrasound, but it focuses on blood flow and the heart) while a fetal cardiologist in Little Rock watched on and evaluated.  He was very kind and informative and by the time we were done he told us that he saw no cardiac concerns.  Eleanor's heart is formed properly and it is functioning properly!  Of course, they have to tell you that these tests are not 100% fool proof and that there are sometimes small issues that can't be detected until birth, but he was confident that everything he saw looked great.  I'm not heart specialist, but I agree that her heart looked pretty perfect :) 
Side note: when they were looking at the blood flow to/in the brain, the tech pointed out that we could see hair on her head!  It was a neat little extra to see that on the ultrasound screen. 
Birth Mom was with me all day (her step mom had other commitments), so when Drew had to head back to work, I took Birth Mom to lunch.  This is always a big treat for her.  After lunch we went to the OB clinic for the NST to monitor any contractions and baby's heart rate.  That was a bit problematic because Eleanor was doing some acrobatics and refused to stay on the monitor.  Birth Mom began having some intense back pain, so they ran another test and then checked to make sure she wasn't dilating.  She wasn't dilated, but they sent us upstairs in the hospital to Labor & Delivery to have a more thorough NST.  We had to wait a couple of hours, but they finally got her in and on the monitors.  45 minutes later they decided we could go, but did show some concern over Eleanor's heart rate.  It is on the lowest end of what is acceptable, so we have to go back on Thursday for another NST.  They were supposed to be weekly from now on, but if there is concern then I'm glad we are doing it more often. 
I'm praying for whatever is best for Eleanor and ask that you join me in that prayer.  Babies with IUGR (Intra Uterine Growth Restriction), meaning they are small and growing more slowly, do have a higher risk for complications, so they keep an extra eye on things during the last 8 weeks.  Since baby's heart rate is already on the low end, I'm not sure what to expect.  To be perfectly unclear... I don't know what to expect.  All I can say is that I'm packing the diaper bag and putting the car seat in the truck because we could have a baby any time between now and July 1st. 

I'll end with this... grocery shopping this morning with Grandpa & Braeden. 

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