"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


In about an hour I will head to the doctor's office to meet Birth Mom for another check up.  Don't know what to expect, but I guess none of us do.  I know they will put baby on the monitors and also check Birth Mom to see if she is progressing at all.  All of that will dictate what comes next.  Time for a c section?  Okay to schedule induction?  Or come back in a few days and let's reevaluate?  I'll let you know.  
I know this much... we are having a baby this week.  This week.  One way or another, there will be a baby very soon.  I might have cracked a little last night.  I spent the day running errands, going by Grandpa's, doing a few things at the old house in Siloam and working in our new back yard (because the dogs are doing their best to make a jail break if they think you've left them outside too long).  The point?  I was tired and dirty by 5pm.  I took a shower and then Drew & I decided to run to the store and grab dinner.  
There we were, sitting in the dining area, when it happened.  I cracked.  I started laughing.  No good reason.  I just started laughing uncontrollably.  Tears running down my face.  Drew afraid that I would choke on the food that was already in my mouth.  Couldn't stop laughing.  
What was so funny?  Everything that's happened in the last two months.  Drew has this great job, we are living in this amazing new home and, in just a matter of days, someone is going to place a baby in my arms.  I've said it before, but I said it again last night; I feel like "they" are the grown ups and we are just faking it.  True story.  For some reason, it all struck me as super funny and I couldn't stop laughing.
Not to worry, I recovered and I am once again sober on life.    

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