"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, June 15, 2015


To say we are ready to move would be an understatement.  Patience is not one of my naturally occurring character traits.  God is constantly working on me and in me to build patience and tolerance for things that are out of my control.  In all honesty, He's likely shaking His head at my resistance to the lesson.  
This time last week we were finding out that closing would be delayed a week.  I took that pretty well, understanding that stuff happens.  Today, I'm not feeling so understanding.  So,  what's the problem?  
Well, remember 5-10 years ago when the real estate market grew and grew and grew until it totally collapsed?  Part of that problem was that banks were influencing appraisers to get the appraisal report they desired.  In short, the banks were dictating what the appraisers reported so that appraisals came back matching what they wanted to lend.  That's bad.  Obviously.  What that means today is that banks can't have any contact with the appriaser.  There can't be any opportunity for the lender to influence the appraised value of the home.  The home is worth what it's worth and the appraisal should show whatever that is.  In our case, we are getting a VA home loan.  The VA requires that you use one of their approved appraisers.  You can't choose who it is and neither can the lender.  We paid for the appraisal and were told that there was a 10 day deadline for the report to be turned in.  We are now being reminded of how all things military work... on their schedule and not ours.  A 10 day deadline means pretty much nothing.  It wasn't turned in last week when it was supposed to be, but if you start poking around and asking for updates before the "deadline" arrives then you just make things worse.  The 10 days expired on Friday and the report was not turned in.  Our lender can't call the appraiser, but our mortgage broker passed it up the chain of command and they filed a complaint with the appraiser's supervisor.  Apparently that's how it's done.  We've been told that the report should be turned in tomorrow, but I'll believe it when I see it.  We aren't arguing over what the report might say, we just want the report!  
Everything else is in order and we have passed the first phase of underwriting.  All that's left is for the underwriter to review the appraisal report, do their underwriting magic, issue us a value report and give us the Clear to Close.  We are told that that can take three days.  That would mean that we wouldn't get the Clear to Close until Friday and therefore wouldn't actually close until early/mid next week.   I'm quite certain there was steam coming out of my ears at that point.  It's not uncommon for closings to be delayed a bit, but we've already been delayed one week, the seller is being picky about the delay and... oh, ya know... WE ARE HAVING A BABY IN 2 WEEKS!  I realize that that isn't their problem, but it surely is my problem and I would appreciate somebody's understanding.  I'm completely aware of what a first world problem this is, but I feel like I might lose my mind if I have to live in this much longer. 
Yes, we've drug our chairs into the center of the room (in front of the sofa) so that we could stack tubs.  There are bare walls and stacks of boxes everyhere I look.  
Please don't make me live in this limbo much longer.  Please don't make us move the weekend before Eleanor is born.  This Type A, introverted, control freak of a girl is already freaking out a bit with all the changes.  Throw me a bone here.  Please.    
They threw me a bone... Early occupancy.  We've been assured that this is happening.  Nothing is official until it's official, but all of our stuff is in order.  The appraisal is really the only thing holding us up. So, tomorrow afternoon Drew is meeting them to do the final walk through and get the keys.  We can start moving the boxes and breakables that we want to move ourselves on Wednesday, have the utilities put in our name and keep the movers on the schedule for Saturday.  While I'd rather have it all signed and closed, I appreciate getting the keys early and not losing a weekend while we wait.  
Since we didn't move last weekend, we took the opportunity to go to Braeden's baseball tournament with his All Star team in Harrison.  It was like a flashback to when Kyle & Casey were that age and traveling with their ball teams... except that Kyle & I are the grown ups.  How did that happen?  
Braeden is quite the catcher.  
Kyle coaching 1st base.  
Braeden's team was all set to play for the 7 year old championship when it started raining.  It rained hard, the fields were holding water and another storm was on the way, so they cancelled the rest of the tournament.  That's a bummer, but it was really just a tournament to prepare the kids for the All Star district tournament this weekend.  I don't know how many games we will get to attend (since we are actually moving!), but I'm so excited for him to experience this.  
I'm taking birth mom for her regular OB appointment and Non Stress Test tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully we will set an official date for the induction!  

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